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Plastic Free July Day 13

24. Wrapper from drink box straw
25. Straw from single use drink box (not shown)
26. Bread wrapper

Plastic Free July

I’m torn about the drink box. It is convenient to have a milk drink at the ready when you are cycling around the neighbourhood and need hydration. But then it comes with a straw, and a straw wrapper. I suppose that I could get a 1L milk box, and pour it into a reusable glass bottle. But the 1 milk box itself has a plastic lid (and the questionability over whether or not a tetra pak can actually be recycled in Australia). I really don’t have any storage space in the fridge. And washing the milk remnants out of a glass bottle can be tricky – it does smell when it goes off; and a lot of the ‘seals’ in glass bottle lids end up losing their effectiveness over time – and guess what, the seals are plastic based. So really, the only remedy is to wait until I get home and pour glass of milk (out of a large 2L plastic bottle). Or get a cow. I can’t win.

If I buy a single serve snacky bread product, it is placed in a paper bag. Buy four… free plastic bag. I suppose I could have insisted on paper bags, but I hadn’t brought a reusable shopping bag with me, and it was going to be a trial to carry four individual paper bags home without dropping them.


Plastic Free July Day 12

22. Bubble wrap
23. sticky tape
24. knife packaging

Plastic Free july

I bought a knife. Knife is home delivered. Home delivery means plastic items 22, 23. I would have have the plastic knife case & plastic window (in cardboard box) packaging regardless. Moral of story: don’t do online shopping

Plastic Free July Day 11

21: Foil tray & cling film wrapping from a takeaway dinner

Plastic free July

It had been a long day. I didn’t feel like cooking. So I popped past a thai grocery store to pick up a already cooked tilapia fish with a clear spicy dipping sauce. It came in this packaging. I washed the foil container & hid it. That will be reused for my solar beeswax extractor during summer. The plastic bag will be reused as a bin liner. The sauce container, once I’ve used up all the sauce, will be reused.

Plastic Free July Day 10

20. Packaging around some pork crackling.

Plastic Free July

“Convenience foods” is the pothole in my journey to a plastic free July. I will reuse the box itself, but it was taped up to keep the air out and the crackling crispy. Short of making pork crackling myself, I can’t think of a way to procure this snack in a plastic free way. Curse you cravings for crunchy things.

Plastic Free July Day 9

18. Block of cheese (wrapper)
19. Cling wrap (sarin wrap), to portion the cheese into two.

Plastic free July

It’s a bit hard to buy cheese without plastic in Australia. I could go to a deli and buy it cut off a large block, but it gets handed to me in a plastic lined paper. I suppose I could provide the deli with a container to put my cheese into.

This block of cheese I cut in half to eat over a fortnight or so. I could’ve used a beeswax wrap or a container, but my partner likes his cling wrap, and hates containers.

Plastic Free July Day 8

I wanted to buy some bread, but had 3 minutes before my bus and a long journey home.

17. Plastic lined bread wrapper

Plastic Free July

If I go direct to the bakery, and buy their sourdough, it is picked up off the shelf and placed in a paper bag. But if I buy the same product from one of their distributers, it is pre-packaged in a plastic lined bag, with a little plastic window to show you the look of the bread.

I think I’ll need to rename this series of posts “my plastics for the month of July”.

Plastic Free July 2018 – Day 7

We have travelled out of town to see a show. In my rush to leave, I have not brought any food with us. We are very tired from the driving, and so nap until show time. I can’t do takeaway food – I don’t have any containers with me, and that’s definitely going to come in a plastic container or three … so after the show:

Plastic free July

This is dinner.

15. Yoghurt container
16. Potato salad box

It seems I end up using single use plastics when I haven’t planned ahead. Convenience is my downfall!