A Sydney Foodie

A Sydney FoodieSydney based person bitten by the travel bug, obsessed with red boots, and sometimes, food. I have a Chevre addiction that probably needs seeing to.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Nice! They all sound like worthy addictions to me 🙂


  2. Hello Sydney Foodie,
    In search for Sydneyssiders passionate about all things food, I have come across your blog.
    As a fabulous Sydney food blogger, I was hoping you might be interested in hopemonth.

    hopemonth is a movement of people reinventing the idea of what it is to have friends over for food. It is a non-profit initiative in May where Sydneysiders are invited to host a meal for their family or friends while raising money for struggling families and homeless people in their city. See http://www.hopemonth.com for more information.
    We would like to reach as many people as possible with this initiative. People who love food and who love sharing it with someone. And people who love their city. The readers and members of your blog are such people.
    It would be tremendous if you helped us making hopemonth a success. Let’s discuss how. The options are endless!
    Perhaps you would like to post a recipe suggestion for those hosting a hopemonth meal? Perhaps you think your readers might be interested in participating in hopemonth and you would post this opportunity.
    I have plenty of documentation I could send to you regarding hopemonth, and HopeStreet if you were interested?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Kind regards,
    Kate Sowden


  3. Hi love your Canley vale food blog. Can we get your contacts to add to our blogger list. Lesley from Taste


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