Reverb11 in one post

Reverb11 in one post by A Sydney Foodie2
Reverb11 in one post, a photo by A Sydney Foodie2 on Flickr.

Reverb 2011 was a bit of a non event for me. Those bloggers I follow bailed part way through last years’ Reverb10. This year during that period, I was busy with my delayed buy nothing new month; so let’s do a little one post reverb11.

1. Revisiting Reverb10 beyond avoidance: I have installed the west facing awning/pergola on the house. It has been a cool summer 2010/2011, but in the few hot days we have had, it has been a blessing. And actually it has proved very useful in the rain. I have also put in the solar panels. The installation company screwed up royally so I didn’t get the NSW bonus feed in tariff of 20c/kWh gross. *if* I’m not home, and I turn the hot water heater off, I might just get 6c/kWh net if I’m lucky. Le sigh. All other things on this list still are on the ‘to do’ list.

2. 2010 Friends.
Could not live without them. Thank you all for being there for me this year.

3. 2010 work wise. During the year, I was offered a secondment position elsewhere in the company in a “this is an offer you can’t refuse” type of way. I achieved a few goals in quite a difficult unsupportive working environment, but in a way that affected my health. I work best with as part of a team that bounces ideas off each other, and this was taken away from me. Job description has changed yet again, but I am much happier now.

4. 2010 sustainability.
Solar panels in, delivering essentially free electricity to the grid. I have grown and bottled guava and tomato related products. Since the weather has been cooler, my rainbow chard has both bolted to seed and kept growing. I bought a dehydrator to play with this years’ crop: but this means increasing electricity consumption as well as reducing crop wastage.

5. 2010 Fitness.
Last week, I made it to the West Sydney summer series. These are in my backyard, and I thankfully don’t have to drive a 2 hour round trip to run/orienteer for 45 mins. I’m going try and finish the rest of the series. I also rode my bicycle home from work, and to work on two separate days. Bootcamp is still going twice a week.

What’s your round up of 2011?


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