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Plastic Free July Day 29

54. pork roast wrapper
55. tetrapak plastic neck/pouring spout
56. plastic lid

Plastic Free July

I knew that buying meat would be my downfall, and winter hasn’t helped.

Short of cracking open a coconut myself, I really don’t know how to get coconut water without plastic. I have seen it come in a glass bottle with a metal lid (and plastic liner/seal). I use coconut water to make coconut water kefir, a fermented drink.


Plastic Free July Day 19

44. Tape

Plastic Free July Day 19

Soba noodles for dinner. Although it is a “bulk pack” of five servings, each serving is individually wrapped in what looks like plastic based tape. I didn’t set fire to the tape to work out if it was plastic.

Plastic Free July 2018 – Day 5

I put out steel forks, regular porcelain plates and cups out for a morning tea event at work with a #choosetorefuse #plasticfreejuly sign. I did not remove the option plastic plates and forks, but gave people a reusable option to choose from. I then went off to get my morning coffee using my reusable cup.

In my absence… my reusable plates and cutlery were removed.

I cry a little inside.