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Mindful in May 2016

The past twelve months have been quite a shit, really, so I had been looking forward to the start of May, and the Mindful in May challenge.


Turns out that the organiser is taking a “mindfulness” sabbatical for 2016. Good on her.

My goals for May:
1. Meditate/yoga on a daily basis, with 6 days out of 7 on a rolling average
2. Be more mindful

Then, it turned into a *shit* of a month with an ex-colleague passing away due to cancer recurrence, the father in law passing due to pulmonary fibrosis (so he basically suffocated to death), and a good friend’s sister deciding to take her own life.

My problems are nothing.

Nothing is ever that bad. The world is a much better place with you in it, please don’t ever think otherwise.
Talk to a friend. Reach out. Eat a bucketload of chocolate. Talk to a counsellor. GET HELP.

In Australia, you can get up to ten counseling sessions per calender year for FREE through Medicare. Or call Lifeline’s 24hr crisis telephone line on 13 11 14.

The Black Dog Institute has a whole bunch of factsheets about depression, bipolar disorder, mental health, and techniques to staying well. There is even a factsheet on mindfulness, with a couple of excercises listed to get you started.

A book that I have found resonated with me is The Wellness Sense, by Om Swami.

And have I practiced mindfulness so far in May 2016? No not really. I did a yoga sequence on 30/4 and 1/5, then work/uni/life got in the way. But there’s always tomorrow!

Mindfulness in May

Work has been a little stressful of late. So when I saw a poster for Global Endeavour Mindful in May during April, I signed up straight away.

Mindful in May

Global meditation, resulting in clean waterwells and possibly an increase in global happiness? What’s not to like?

Except my time of stress was scheduled to complete at the end of April (yeah right), and this meditating/mindfulness thingo was supposed to start in May.

As a stop gap I decided to commence practicing yoga on a daily basis until May – with practice rate of 6 out of 7 days on a rolling average just to cover me on those off days when I just could not get out of bed or I was too busy to fit yoga in for that day.

My goals for May:

1.       Meditate/yoga on a daily basis, with 6 days out of 7 on a rolling average
2.       Be more mindful
3.       Stop swearing like a trooper

Today, we are nearly halfway through the program. And how have I been tracking?

So far:

Well, I have completely sucked at the daily meditation. This is mainly because I am meditation averse – my mind just wanders. This is why I nominated yoga or mediation as my daily activity.

However, I have been practising yoga  daily for the past four weeks – except for 3 non consecutive days when I couldn’t fit it into my morning routine, but then I managed to fit a small yoga session in at the end of that day. Sunday was the first day that I *ahem* participated in the meditation business (after about 30 minutes of yoga), and it was pretty good. My mind did wander, but I managed to doze off towards the end.

Mindfulness – not so good. I am just so used to the “multitasking” oxymoron that I feel as though I am being inefficient if I am not sewing and watching the idiot box at the same time. But I’m trying to improve that, and just enjoy the moment.

Swearing – well yes. I failed on the first day. But since then I have tried to think before I speak. However, I do note that sometimes an emphatic swear is a good stress relief.

How about you dear reader? Have you tried to start a new activity or practice? Are you being #mindfulinmay?

Buy Nothing New Month – Day 31 Hail All Hallows

I wanted to wear something a little special, because it was All Hallows Eve.

But then I needed to go to work, so you got this:

BNNM Day 31

You got me midway.

The top is a bike riding top by N-Zo dirtwear. I was about to go for a summer series orienteering run before I remembered I had to take a photo.

Wrap Skirt. – something silky synthetic from a million years ago. It’s long. It’s got flowers on it. It’s really flattering. I’ve had it for at least 10 years, but I think I got it from a wardrobe raid.

Accessories this time are super white.

I wore a set of white and “gold” clip on earrings that I showed you two days ago. I have a big triangular shaped ring with a white stone insert which you can see. This is a set size ring, with an elastic band connecting the top and bottom halves of the ring.

Thank goodness that’s over.

And I did alright at the summer series run.

Buy Nothing New Month Day 28: Emergency Intervention

We had planned to go to the Fresh from the West festival together. But then it turned out an overseas friend was turning up on her doorstep. Tomorrow. With 24 hours notice.

So I dressed, took a photo, and then changed into cleaning clothes. After I assisted in some of the house cleaning, I headed out for festival frivolities, and changed back again.

In the background you can see one of my preferred cleaning products when it’s an emergency and you just have to use a spray: Murchison-Hume. Plant based cleaning products, food and people friendly, free from ammonia and bleach. I originally spotted their product in Accoutrement shop Mosman, but I have also seen it stocked in Victoria’s Basement. There is something about citrus smells that just screams *clean*, No?

BNNM2012 Day28

Grey knitted top from Cotton On.

Black/Green skirt from Lush, Melbourne.

Firucchi fuchsia coloured belt with interlocking “leaf” belt buckle. Purchased yesterday at the Surry Hills Festival. But I made sure it was second-hand first. And I had to have it. My search engine also tells me that they are an Australian company. Yay!

Buy Nothing New Month Day 27 – festival time

Getting all dolled up for the Surry Hills Festival. The weather was warm in the sun, but with a bit of a cold edge in the shade. I hadn’t planned to go, but I wanted to meet up with my friend M and rescue my cake carrier from her before any more lemon meringue pie ended up on my car’s back seat.

BNNM2012 Day27

Grey long sleeve knitted top from Cotton On. My mate had a job to clear out a house when some parents kicked their adult kids out, and he came away
with a bag of clothes. This was one of them. I like it because of the extra
body length. I don’t have bare my midriff.

Blue cotton spotty skirt – rescued from my mum’s wardrobe during a recent cull.

Red cummerbund from Ammo, Melbourne.

New black cardy from China.

Green pashmina from HangZhou, China.

Black and pink Dunlop volley shoes. I got these when my walking boots were giving me blisters.

Buy Nothing New Month 2012, Day 26 run run

Oh hai, you caught me running out the door.

BNNM2012 Day26

Ojay striped shirt.

M-one-eleven asymmetrical skirt.

Mizuno trail runners. I have yet to run on a trail with these.

Global Corporate Challenge backpack (in the background). Have you heard about this? It’s a scheme devised to try and improve the health of sedentary office workers by getting them to increasing their level of incidental exercise.

My goal this year was to get a team average of over 10000 steps per day. We achieved about 12500 per day, and my average was about 13000. You gotta be happy with that!

Buy Nothing New Month 2012 – Day 25

I was going to wear almost the same thing as I wore for Days 23 & 24, but then I thought that would be *boring*.

That’s the problem with themed things like this; it almost encourages you to amass a stash of stuff so you can parade it during November. Catch-22, much?

BNNM2012 Day 25

Fake flower, worn in hair.
This was purchased during the 1950s fair at Rose Seidler house. Now that was a huge excuse to overcharge. I saw earrings for sale there for $50; later on I saw a really similar set at my local vinnies for $2.50.

Shirt, Thailand tailor.

A-line striped skirt with button detail from Lush clothing, Melbourne.

Tan coloured cardigan – saved during a recent cull of clothing from my mum’s wardrobe. There’s some lovely detail on the buttons.

Granny boots from shappere. I’m pretty sure they were purchased a year after the cowboy boots.