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Buy Nothing New Month day thirty: all over barr the shouting

Thank goodness that’s over. It was pretty tiring remembering to do that every single day. And blogging everyday in amongst normal me-ness? Exhausting!

Normal transmission resumes next post.

Pink and green striped white shirt ‘tailor’ made in Thailand. I didn’t go all out seeking the best tailor because it would’ve been a pain to go back for fittings. I just used the one at the hotel we stayed at because it was convenient.

Black/green tulip-ish skirt from Lush. Refer day four.

Black granny ankle boots from Shappere. I told you that I love that store, didn’t I?

Brown bag from Vinnies.

Have a good holiday everyone, whether it is Christmas, Hannukah, Eid or quiet meditation.

Buy Nothing New Month day twenty nine: vale the jeans

Top: purple polo shirt with aqua green detail by Bonds.

Jeans: from grab. Shortly after this shot was taken, my old faithful jeans developed a rip near the back pocket. Vale my jeans I’ll miss you.

Orange thongs from Havianas.

Brown bag from Vinnies.

Green insulated thermal bag from California Innovations. I went hunting for a thermal bag and a bag of frozen peas one day when I had forgotten to bring my own. This cost $5 only! The equivalent ‘smash’ brand was $30.

Pink/purple ‘pashmina’ purchased from a market in Oslo after I visited Vigeland sculpture park nearby. It was 10 kroner, 100% viscose. Despite a small laundry incident in Croatia, where it dyed everything in the wash a permanent shade of pink, it has served me well.

Buy Nothing New Month: day twenty two

White zip front shirt from Cue. As you can tell, I haven’t put my laundry away, so I have worn only two shirts so far this month.

Asymmetrical Skirt from M-one-eleven. I think it is wool, certainly a very winter type of fabric. I got this at a giant factory sale in Melbourne.

Cowboy boots from Shappere.

Holey grey cardigan from Country Road. Bought to replace Mr Indestructible, but has been darned enough times that I have given up.

Buy Nothing New Month: day eighteen I can see a rainbow

Buy Nothing New Month: day nineteen

Peach coloured top from Slovenia.
I have a confession to make. I appropriated this top. We were in a backpackers hostel in Ljubljana, the dorm had emptied out with people moving on, as they do and this top got left behind under a bunk bed. I picked it up, liked it, and kept it. The tag says it is from Petit Bateau.

Jeans from Grab.

Fleece jacket from Mountain Designs.
The zip never worked properly in this one, and I got the tailor to replace it. Except he did a shoddy job, so there are threads hanging everywhere and a quarter of the zip is unattached.

Cowboy boots from Shappere.

Bright green Pashmina from Hangzhou China.
I got this from my mother in law. It sat in my cupboard for at least two years because I thought it was too bright and would clash with everything else I had. Now I find out that the trick is to wear it with other bright colours.

Red handbag from Vinnies.
I bought it because (a) it was red; (b) it was leather; (c) it was $2.50. Could you resist?

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Buy Nothing New Month: day seventeen clash of the titans

Buy nothing new month: day seventeen

Ow. My eyes. I think I clash.

White shirt from Esprit.

Skirt from Review.
I remember I got this as a second and on sale because the zip was broken and I knew that was fixable. But then the tailor did not want this job, because he charged me $25 to change the zip! A lot of the other seconds skirts were torn along the seam – the piping accent is attached with two separate fabric pieces, rather than one fabric piece folded up into a mountain and covered with piping. So I’m paranoid about ripping this one along the seam: I end up walking up stairs like a duck. It is very cute though.

Secondhand shoes fromday two.

Buy Nothing New Month: day fifteen oxymoronic

I am so boring. I’m not even going to post a pic.

See day nine for the dress

And shoes fromday two.
So let’s talk about consumption instead, shall we?

I promised you some more culture in part one.

This is a tale of excessive consumption, totally not suitable for buy nothing new month.

After eating our American-style lunch of pork ribs from Hurricanes, we heading to Alfala house for some hippy shopping – coconut flour (aka super dessicated coconut), soy milk powder, and puffed amaranth; we then went on a drive in peak hour traffic to get in the mood. Destination: Costco, Auburn.

The scale was incredible. Huge. A giant warehouse with big packing crate sized shelves.

First up, you have a selection of plasma tvs, kitchenware including coffee machines and kitchenaid mixers ($620 squee!!), household items like wardrobe organisers and shoe racks.

The book area had us captivated for a while. Most books were of the order of 40% off RRP, there was quite a huge selection of cookbooks, even the recently released Marque cookbook. That one disappointed me a bit – it looked really cheap for such a nice restaurant, but it made me wonder if it was a parallel import. Also spotted was Malouf, which was very tempting. Despite my vow to not buy anymore cookbooks, ever, ever, EVER, I succumbed.
I *small voice* settled for the second English edition of The Silver Spoon Italian Cookbook. What convinced me since I already I have the Australian version of this book? Well, the fact that it had at least 20 pages on fish in one location. Closing argument? $35 AUD versus $60AUD RRP. SOLD!

Want some salad? You’ll need to visit the walk-in fridge:

In the fridge @ Costco

Dairy is stored in another walk-in fridge.

Cheese comes in two kinds. 1) “Gourmet” like Meredith dairy marinated goats cheese ($8 ish. Where’s the profit for the poor producer?), jarslberg and gouda. 2) Mass market. Tasty cheese comes in 4kg blocks. Ouch. Remember that Roald Dahl story about the old lady and the leg of lamb? Well, I think this cheese would be just as vicious.

Pumpkin pie

The staff member thought that the giant pumpkin pie was made all year round. It looks like a 5kg pie, at least 26 inches across. I wondered if they also sold the premade sweet pumpkin filling in a can?

Costco scrum
There was a bit of a scrum at the tasting counter where some frozen dumplings were being promoted.

There are a mix of Australian sourced and American sourced products. The Australian products tend to be caterer sized, but make you wonder about the amount of markup you pay on retail sized products, or the little profit that the producer actually gets. You would need to check the label carefully to make sure that you are not inadvertantly buying tomato sauce with high fructose corn syrup. If you want to buy in bulk, I guess you have to remember that you have find somewhere to store it. 5kg bag of baking powder, anyone? Useful for making a “science experiment” volcano.

Other items things that struck me were:
– quinoa was really cheap. $6.70/kg for white organic quinoa imported from USA (origin: South America), versus $15.75 at Alfalfa House
– Want a kayak? You too can buy one with your groceries. $300.
– “Madrid” one strap birkenstocks $63. Mmm.. shopping for shoes and groceries at the same time.
– If you want chicken fillets, you can only buy chicken breast. True story. It may come from Lilydale, but Costco doesn’t believe in thighs.

They don’t kick you out by making announcements at the end of the night. They just barricade sections of the store off with shopping trolleys and herd you towards the register. If you have forgotton something in the freezer section, a staff member has to fetch it for you because “there’s forklift’s back there.”

So in the end, this was our $300 booty:

Booty @ Costco

The dried blueberries were hideously expensive ($10/500g) compared to the frozen blueberries ($6.97/1kg). They were also disturbingly, excessively sweet.

I have already tried one recipe from the new cookbook, a variant of lemon sauce for veggies. A slight failure in that note.

Next time?

Planning purchasing prevents (susceptibility to) pushy procurement.

Buy Nothing New Month: Day fourteen green with envy

See day twelve, and add a thin plaited brownbelt from hunter gatherer.

You know how op-shops after receiving donations, sorting out the unusable, have to sell everything they have? Well, hunter gatherer adds an extra filter of ‘retro’ or ‘classic’ or ‘vintage’ and just sells that.

Apparently there is this giant warehouse with a giant conveyor belt
of clothes trundling past, and design students pick out clothes that they think will sell. These go on the racks at hunter gatherer. At the end of the term whomever has selected the most number of sold items aces the assignment!