Musing on bulk food goods stores

In response to the desire for less plastic, or during campaigns like “plastic free july“, we often turn to bulk food goods stores such as Alfalfa House, Blue Mountains Food Co-operative, Naked Foods, or The Source Bulk Foods (other brands are available).

This might ease our conscience as an individual consumer, but, plastic is still generated, just in a bigger format.

So are we really making a difference?

For example, I might have a one litre laundry liquid bottle. And I refill it from a 20L bulk square bottle like these ones at flora and fauna:store-refill-1

I do prefer to get laundry powder, but most of the stuff I can get still contains a lot  of salt, and contains optical brighteners which aren’t recommended for clothes. I did try using soap nuts in the wash; not sure if it cleaned my clothes. Next up is try making a soap nut liquid.

I know some bulk 25kg flours is sourced in a paper bag, but most other products – nuts, pasta etc do come in plastic.

With milk, I am re-using glass bottles for full cream milk via Harris Farm’s single herd milk scheme; but I am also travelling a 80km+ round trip to do so. (However, I am doing this journey  as part of other journeys).

I try to support those cafes that are accepting re-usable cups. If I do have to get a landfill coffee cup, I take advantage of 7-11’s scheme to recycle coffee cups and lids

Some random musings from a sleep deprived, over-extended, overly mentally loaded me.

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