Reverb 2014, Part One

1. Prompt for 1 December:
At the start: Where did you start 2014? Give us some background on this year.

Can’t remember. Sorry. Doing stuff relating to a funding proposal that was supposed to have been done and dusted about 2 years ago, yet now, another year on, we are still doing funding proposal related stuff. And guess what? It starts again next year!

There was less bootcamp this year. We didn’t have the numbers to keep the bootcamp sessions going onsite at work, which is a shame for something that had been running for at least three years. Hopefully in 2015, we can get some session happening again if we can team up with another corporate group nearby.

Instead of doing lots of baking related things, this year it was all about the bees. I was either reading about them, painting their house, sitting by their hive entrance watching their comings and goings, listening to them at the back of their house, or chasing them around the neighbourhood.

2. Prompt for 2 December:
Gorgeous: When did you feel beautiful this year? Why?

Seriously? This is a question? Is this because more females are doing this writing/reflection project that they’ve asked this sort of question? What about the males? Ah, that’s right, they don’t look back, they just grunt and return to their cave. One thing that I have been more conscious of this year is the type of compliments that you pay to the daughter’s of friends. Rather than emphasising body image in something like :”Don’t you look pretty today”, saying things like: “You helped me do X, how very clever of you!”.

3. Prompt for 3 December
Coulda woulda shoulda: What didn’t you do this year because you were too scared, afraid, unsure? Are you going to do it next year? Or maybe you don’t want to anymore?

So I meant to use my dSLR more. I didn’t.
I meant to procrastinate less. I didn’t. In fact, I think I’m procrastinating right now.

4. Prompt for 4 December
Do Over: Hindsight is the one thing we never benefit from in the present. Is there one moment you wish that you could do-over?


5. Prompt for 6 December
Letting go: For next year, I’m letting go of…

Let it go!
Frozen, the movie. The angst. The most popular presents for girls in 2014 was all about Frozen.
I do tend to navel gaze a bit, and repeat in my head stuff that has happened I should move on from. But quite frankly, I’m an improvement on the previous model who are still rabbiting on and on and on about events that happened in the 1990’s.

Dude, give it up.

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