Buy Nothing New Month: Day twelve ’tis the season

Indestructible cardy from Christopher Ari, for more details, see day ten.

Green dress from Lush clothing, Melbourne. Spring/summer 2011. This is my second green dress from lush, and my second green dress full stop. I have been trying to wear less black (and then shifted a lot into pinks, purples and reds), green is new thing for me.

Red butterfly shoes by Django & Juliette . I bought these on special from a shoe shop in Birkenhead Point. There were only two pairs left, both in the same size, and I really really wish I had bought both because my pair are falling to bits I love them that much. They are super comfy and usually look pretty nice, except till recently. They are a bit hard to polish because of the butterfly detail.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I really like the green!


    • Hi L. Yeah, me too. It is quite vibrant, but also difficult to match without clashing violently. I am a bit paranoid that I might end up looking a little too christmassy if I wear it with red.


  2. […] day twelve, and add a thin plaited brownbelt from hunter […]


  3. […] Red Butterfly shoes as from last year. I have been wearing them less, but my substitute red glittery shoes have really been no substitute. They might need to go to Vinnies. […]


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