Buy Nothing New Month: day four corporate

Swish, eh? I had a lovely skirt that I just bought from Lush clothing Melbourne. This is one of my favourite clothing shops for interesting classic pieces, and I always pay it a visit when I am in town. I miss the Sydney store. Yes, I bought this very *small voice*recently, but it was before I started this challenge.

Buy nothing new month day 4

Shirt: Cue.
Skirt from Lush clothing Melbourne, spring/summer 2011. I love the fact that it is black with a dark green detail and little darts up near the waist. I don’t think you are appreciating it properly. Have a closer look:

Buy nothing new month day 4 detail

The shoes from someone’s Nana, Fitzroy public school weekend market. Wano Nano. Originally from Japan.


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  1. […] Black/green tulip-ish skirt from Lush. Refer day four. […]


  2. […] Black/Green skirt from Lush, Melbourne. […]


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