Buy nothing new month: day eleven Obi wan

Grr. That’ll learn me to save draft posts.

White shirt from Esprit, when they still did corporate style clothing and not just weekend casual.

Pinstripedpants from Jigsaw, winter 2011. Sad because the inner lining ends at mid-thigh,rather than going the full length of the leg.

Obi/cummerbundfrom yoshi jones. The fabric is antique kimono silk. The red diamond pattern is created using a technique called
shibori. You wrap grains of rice up in the fabric, tie very tightly with string, dip it in dye; voila: diamond shaped pattern. I guess it is like hippy tie dye, but more intricate.
I love yoshi jones, the store is great for classical statement pieces.

Black cowboy boots from Shappere vintage clothing store in Windsor, Melbourne. I remember I bought them just after the first store just opened. I love them, I wear them all the time in winter. Shappere always seem to have well picked second hand and vintage selections in good condition.


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  1. Ooh- Jigsaw – I love, but I can’t afford it! I really like this outfit, but it has more style than I could realistically pull off.


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