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Plastic Free July Day 13

24. Wrapper from drink box straw
25. Straw from single use drink box (not shown)
26. Bread wrapper

Plastic Free July

I’m torn about the drink box. It is convenient to have a milk drink at the ready when you are cycling around the neighbourhood and need hydration. But then it comes with a straw, and a straw wrapper. I suppose that I could get a 1L milk box, and pour it into a reusable glass bottle. But the 1 milk box itself has a plastic lid (and the questionability over whether or not a tetra pak can actually be recycled in Australia). I really don’t have any storage space in the fridge. And washing the milk remnants out of a glass bottle can be tricky – it does smell when it goes off; and a lot of the ‘seals’ in glass bottle lids end up losing their effectiveness over time – and guess what, the seals are plastic based. So really, the only remedy is to wait until I get home and pour glass of milk (out of a large 2L plastic bottle). Or get a cow. I can’t win.

If I buy a single serve snacky bread product, it is placed in a paper bag. Buy four… free plastic bag. I suppose I could have insisted on paper bags, but I hadn’t brought a reusable shopping bag with me, and it was going to be a trial to carry four individual paper bags home without dropping them.


Pluto Pups!

OH MY. The kiosk at the Gilgandra swimming pool (Central NSW) sells freshly made Pluto Pups for $2.50 each. These tasty, greasy little morsels are usually only available at fun fairs and the agriculturally shows, so it was a treat to be able to get one after a swim.
Take one hot dog/frankfurter ‘sausage’. Stick a skewer in along its length. Dip in batter. Deep fry. Drizzle with tomato sauce and enjoy!
Mmm, a snack suitable for today, Australia day.