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Revolution Foods Cafe, Enmore (Closed)

I am not vegan, I enjoy my cheese, meat and honey too much to be able to give them up.

I do however try and buy free range, organic, sustainable and biodynamic when possible.

One Saturday my friend H and I happened to be in Newtown. First we visited the markets at the intersection of Australia St and King St, and then stocked up at Alfalfa House. Hungry! What to do? Let’s try Revolution Foods.

The menu looked interesting with burgers, salads, smoothies and pots of tea.

First up, Amrita chai teapot for two ($5):

Amrita Chai

We had a choice of soy, rice, almond or hazelnut milk. We chose the latter which added a nice nuttiness. The chai itself…. Nicely spiced and a good dense foam…. but not enough tea leaves to call it a tea! It didn’t need any extra sweetener.

Secondly, Disco fries ($8.50):

Disco fries

The fries themselves were very crunchy, almost as if they had been deep fried twice. The ‘miso mushroom gravy’ started out moist and moreish, then it seemed like that niceness just evaporated and the mixture got very dry. I needed addition of tangy tomato sauce to counteract it. We chose this dish initially because it sounded like that Canadian dish ‘poutine’.

Main course, Taco Salad ($11.95):

Taco Salad at Revolution Foods

I was anticipating lots of taco chips scattered throughout a black bean salad. We received one giant corn tortilla which had been folded into a bowl shape and deep fried. This had been served with avocado, tomato salsa and a cashew based ‘sour cream’. The salsa, sour cream and avocado was nice. The black bean chili would’ve been nice if CUMIN hadn’t been the only thing I could taste. Cumin!?! Please don’t add cumin to a Mexican sounding dish.

The staff were really friendly and accommodating. We had a rug rat with us who wouldn’t stay still, and our waitress brought over a little dish of vanilla ‘ice cream’ with strawberries and chocolate sauce to keep her distracted.

You forget how many things that you take for granted are animal derived and thus off the radar for a vegan. Like honey and dairy. Places like this remind me of that.

As a vegan, I think that this would be quite a nice and inventive place to eat at. As a non-vegan, I’m afraid that I was left feeling slightly hungry and a little disappointed.

Revolution Foods Cafe (vegan)
175 Enmore Road Enmore 2042
M: 1100-1500
F: 1100-2100
Sat: 1000-2100
Sun: 1000-1900