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Organic Bread Bar

So many times I have driven past the Organic Bread Bar, and wish I could pull over and go in. Finally I did!

The bread bins use the wooden crates that French wine is shipped over to the boondocks in. Seating is an odd assortment of milkcrates and mismatched seats.
Organic Bread Bar

I got:

Caraway and Salt breadstick ($1.5)
Seeded bread stick ($1.5)
Multigrain loaf ($6)
Olive bread roll ($1.5)
Sticky Fruit Bun ($3)

Organic Bread Bar

The Caraway and Salt breadstick had a lovely gummy sourdough texture, and wasn’t too overpowering with the caraway which were scattered on top. The olive bread roll was soft – too often the olive rolls are like little rocks. This was wonderfully soft and had lots of kalamata olive scattered throughout.

Multigran @ Organic Bread Bar

I had to get the sticky fruit bun, because it was, well, sticky.

Fruit Bun @ Organic Bread Bar

It didn’t want to let go of the baking paper that it was resting on. The whole bun was coated in a sweet sticky fruit juice based glaze. Instead of toasted sesame on top, it was toasted quinoa! It had a sweet almost fermented sourdough type fragrance. Yum! Something to return to.

The Organic Bread Bar uses Bonsoy soy milk and organic Country Valley milk.

I apologise for the terrible photos in this post. Remember when a 2 megapixel phone camera was considered the bees knees?

Organic Bread Bar
365 South Dowling Street
Paddington/Darlinghurst NSW
7days, 0700-1900.