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The Stinking Bishops, Enmore

You must have the cheese toastie.

That was the recommendation. So a year after it opened, I finally made it to the Stinking Bishops.

Mushroom Mr Crispy ($15):

Mr Crispy

It was indeed very crispy. And Tasty. There were at least two different kinds of mushrooms – enoki and your standard button mushroom. It was moreish, and now since I’m talking about it, I want another one.

The accompanying salad was autumn themed – with radish, radiccio and a light lemony dressing.

As I was paying for my toasted sandwich, I spied some pickled eggs in a big vat behind the counter. So I had to have one to try and compare to my own pickled quail effort several years ago.

Pickled Egg ($2.5):

Pub pickled egg

It had the bottom sliced off so that it could be served in a warm ramekin, sprinkled with salt. But the egg was still cold. It was creamy and mouth puckeringly sour. It turns seems that my attempt at pickled eggs was genuine article, I just didn’t know it at the time. Whoopx, such a shame I’ve already thrown out my pickled eggs.

Smoked Anchovy Bruschetta ($5):

Smoked Anchovy bruschetta

Spiced crème fraiche, cucumber, pickled eschalot, dill

This does not taste like an anchovy that I am used to, tastes. I couldn’t really pick up any smokey element, it was more a sardine fresh out of the sea. The dukkah sprinkled on top was fresh and crispy.

Pork and black pudding terrine ($18):

Pork and Black Pudding Terrine

Yes. I got this because of the presence of black pudding. Yum. Gobble, gobble, gobble. The terrine was quite meaty yet fresh. The jelly holding it all together wasn’t too cold. I really liked the freshness of the accompanying salad with the apple and halved grapes. The dressing wasn’t too acidic either. I should have the patience to make terrine, but I never do.

Towards the end of my visit, I asked what the white mould cheese in the shape of a ring was. It turns out that it was a goat’s cheese from Castlemaine (VIC), and reminded me a lot of the Willowbrae Bowen Mountain cheese.

“Why can’t they source a cheese more local than Victoria?”, I wondered, but when I talked to David from Willowbrae, he said that they were pretty flat out just supplying the markets, so let’s keep their existence a secret between you and I.

Toasties available only at lunchtimes.

The Stinking Bishops
street: Unit 5, 63-71 Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW 2042
Phone: +61-2-9007-7754
M: Closed
Tue-Wed: 1700-2200.
Thu-Fri: 1100-2200.
Sat: 1100-1700, closed 1630-1730
Sun 1100-1800
There is a very complicated reservation availability online, generally Tue-Thu dinner, Sundays; or lunch Thu-Sat. Or you could walk in.
Web and :


Revolution Foods Cafe, Enmore (Closed)

I am not vegan, I enjoy my cheese, meat and honey too much to be able to give them up.

I do however try and buy free range, organic, sustainable and biodynamic when possible.

One Saturday my friend H and I happened to be in Newtown. First we visited the markets at the intersection of Australia St and King St, and then stocked up at Alfalfa House. Hungry! What to do? Let’s try Revolution Foods.

The menu looked interesting with burgers, salads, smoothies and pots of tea.

First up, Amrita chai teapot for two ($5):

Amrita Chai

We had a choice of soy, rice, almond or hazelnut milk. We chose the latter which added a nice nuttiness. The chai itself…. Nicely spiced and a good dense foam…. but not enough tea leaves to call it a tea! It didn’t need any extra sweetener.

Secondly, Disco fries ($8.50):

Disco fries

The fries themselves were very crunchy, almost as if they had been deep fried twice. The ‘miso mushroom gravy’ started out moist and moreish, then it seemed like that niceness just evaporated and the mixture got very dry. I needed addition of tangy tomato sauce to counteract it. We chose this dish initially because it sounded like that Canadian dish ‘poutine’.

Main course, Taco Salad ($11.95):

Taco Salad at Revolution Foods

I was anticipating lots of taco chips scattered throughout a black bean salad. We received one giant corn tortilla which had been folded into a bowl shape and deep fried. This had been served with avocado, tomato salsa and a cashew based ‘sour cream’. The salsa, sour cream and avocado was nice. The black bean chili would’ve been nice if CUMIN hadn’t been the only thing I could taste. Cumin!?! Please don’t add cumin to a Mexican sounding dish.

The staff were really friendly and accommodating. We had a rug rat with us who wouldn’t stay still, and our waitress brought over a little dish of vanilla ‘ice cream’ with strawberries and chocolate sauce to keep her distracted.

You forget how many things that you take for granted are animal derived and thus off the radar for a vegan. Like honey and dairy. Places like this remind me of that.

As a vegan, I think that this would be quite a nice and inventive place to eat at. As a non-vegan, I’m afraid that I was left feeling slightly hungry and a little disappointed.

Revolution Foods Cafe (vegan)
175 Enmore Road Enmore 2042
M: 1100-1500
F: 1100-2100
Sat: 1000-2100
Sun: 1000-1900


West Juliett Cafe, Marrickville

It hadn’t rained in Sydney for two months. So of course the day I decide to take off and go cafe hopping, it has decided to rain. There are dark threatening looking clouds on the horizon as we head towards the Marrickville/Enmore divide.

West Juliett Cafe

West Juliett Cafe is located on a street just off the main thoroughfare of Edgeware road.

It’s a large corner terrace that used to be a grocery store which closed in the 1960s.

The inside is warm and welcoming with painted brickwork and a slick looking, open kitchen.

The brown paper menu shows lots of interesting dishes that are reasonably priced.

We pick sauteed mushroom, caraway, kasseri,herbs and burnt onions on toast ($12.9), with a side of baby spinach; also olive oil fried eggs with braised lentils, morcilla, rocket and parmesan ($14), with a side of avocado ($3.9).

The chai ($4.5) comes in a black metal cast-iron lookalike pot:


It is warming, but a little light on the spice for my taste. By the time the much requested honey arrives, we have sipped away almost the entire pot.

As much as I like the idea of the fresh fruit sodas on offer, I choose a plum and vanilla lassi ($5.9):


Little vanilla bean seeds are speckled throughout the glass. The plum adds a sweet and sour edge. The contents are frothy and quite light in texture. I wonder if this has been made with milk plus buttermilk or milk plus yoghurt?

Here are the mushrooms:

Silverbeet & Spinach

I love the grey/green speckled stoneware that this dish is served upon. The use of enamel tin plates is all the rage, but scraping more cutlery along enamel is akin to scraping nails down a blackboard. Eugh. and shudder. The mushrooms are delicious – and I think that they have been marinated in thyme, but it is not overpowering. These are a good ‘shroom.

Here are my olive oil fried eggs:


The yolks are still gooey and runny, so I busy myself making toast soldiers. Morchilla is a spanish ‘blood pudding’ sausage -yum. The puy lentils are dark and almost crunchy, as though in the pan frying process, some got deepfried. Were they fully cooked? I’m not sure. I’m glad that I got the extra avocado for the relief from crunching. I polished off the dish and enjoyed it very much.

West Juliett Cafe – a lovely addition to the Marrickville scene, with an interesting menu and reasonable prices.

West Juliett Cafe
phone: (02) 9519-0101
street: 30 Llewellyn Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204
Mon-Sat: 0700 – 1600

Great Aunty Three, Enmore

You can smell the sweet enticing smell of cinnamon and carmelisation wafting down the street. After purchasing supplies at Alfalfa House, we wandered across the street to investigate. I only meant to get a coffee. But then I stepped across the threshold. The smell hit me, and I was a goner.

We ordered a bowl of beef pho ($8), a caramelised pork belly banh mi ($6), and Vietnamese drip filter coffee. You can get the bread roll sandwich with lemon grass chicken or carmelised pork belly.

The banh mi arrives first:

Banh Mi

The roll is scattered with sunflower seeds and laden with coriander and shredded pork belly. The bread was oozy and melty with the sauce from the pork belly.

Here is the bowl of beef pho (pho bo) :

Beef Pho

Such a shame I don’t have smell o vision.

It smells heady and sweet. But not like a beef based stock. After some discussion, it turns out it is primarily beef stock with a little chicken to add sweetness.

The broth itself is light. Sweet. Not too salty. There is a little plastic dish of hoisin and chilli sauce, but I find that the pho does not need it. The pho is now available everyday.

I have never had much success with my coffee dripper purchased in Richmond Victoria. Tighten the clamp too tightly, and the hot water barely gets through and result is sour and unpleasant. Too loose a seal, and the water flows too freely and the result is watery and weak. Here is a lesson on how to do it properly:

Vietnamese Coffee

The Vietnamese drip filter coffee smells fruity and sweet. The contrast is the taste – it is very bitter and aromatic from the condensed milk. The choc wafer roll is the perfect foil.

On this day, co-owner Michael Le is working on making a fresh version of those sticky vietnamese sweets. Can you imagine three colour drink, but flavoured with pandan leaf proper rather than the lurid green stuff in a small vial?

Worth a return visit!

Great Aunty Three Vietnamese
Mon – Thu: 1000 – 1500
Fri – Sat: 0900 – 1700
Sun & Public Holidays:1000 – 1500
(02) 9519 2886
Street: 114 Enmore Road, Enmore 2042