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Sun Catering, Wentworthville

Masala Dosai is one of the few Indian style foods that I crave. I love the thin crispy pancake, and getting all grubby in eating with my fingers.

So when my friend gave a hot tip to try Sun Catering in Wentworthville, I had to make the effort and try it. The place has two bain maries with precooked food – one is the vegetarian one, the other the meat one. These were popular with the locals in ordering four curries & rice.

Masala Dosai ($6):

Masala Dosa

Served on a metal food platter, we have a hot coconut chutney (orange colour), a slightly sour green chutney (also coconut based), and the sambal. The filling in the crepe interestingly not only has the standard potatoes and peas, but also curry leaves, coriander, corn and carrot. One dossai is a bit too much for me to finish, so I wrapped up my leftovers in a napkin, and reheated them later in the jaffle iron.

Sun Catering
Street: 9 Station Street, Wentworthville, NSW, 2145
Phone: 61-2-86267861
MFSS (7 days): 1100 – 2200.