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Plastic Free July Days 25-26

45. sponge cake plastic wrapper
46. plastic bag for a takeaway bun

Plastic Free July

I am in a different location to normal for a two day conference. I have had to get up stupid early to get public transport to this alternate location. I refuse to get a bacon and egg roll from the fast food joint at the train station, but two blocks away I am now hungry. I buy the egg white sponge for my mum because she likes it, and it comes in a plastic wrapper. I have bought a sweet bun to eat for my second breakfast, also served in a plastic bag. This latter bag is reused to take home some extra cake from the conference. I don’t buy lunch the first day because everything in the food courts is served up on a plastic plate.

On the second day, I get that bacon and egg roll. At least it’s wrapped in something resembling paper.


Plastic Free July 2018 – Day 7

We have travelled out of town to see a show. In my rush to leave, I have not brought any food with us. We are very tired from the driving, and so nap until show time. I can’t do takeaway food – I don’t have any containers with me, and that’s definitely going to come in a plastic container or three … so after the show:

Plastic free July

This is dinner.

15. Yoghurt container
16. Potato salad box

It seems I end up using single use plastics when I haven’t planned ahead. Convenience is my downfall!