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West Juliett Cafe, Marrickville

It hadn’t rained in Sydney for two months. So of course the day I decide to take off and go cafe hopping, it has decided to rain. There are dark threatening looking clouds on the horizon as we head towards the Marrickville/Enmore divide.

West Juliett Cafe

West Juliett Cafe is located on a street just off the main thoroughfare of Edgeware road.

It’s a large corner terrace that used to be a grocery store which closed in the 1960s.

The inside is warm and welcoming with painted brickwork and a slick looking, open kitchen.

The brown paper menu shows lots of interesting dishes that are reasonably priced.

We pick sauteed mushroom, caraway, kasseri,herbs and burnt onions on toast ($12.9), with a side of baby spinach; also olive oil fried eggs with braised lentils, morcilla, rocket and parmesan ($14), with a side of avocado ($3.9).

The chai ($4.5) comes in a black metal cast-iron lookalike pot:


It is warming, but a little light on the spice for my taste. By the time the much requested honey arrives, we have sipped away almost the entire pot.

As much as I like the idea of the fresh fruit sodas on offer, I choose a plum and vanilla lassi ($5.9):


Little vanilla bean seeds are speckled throughout the glass. The plum adds a sweet and sour edge. The contents are frothy and quite light in texture. I wonder if this has been made with milk plus buttermilk or milk plus yoghurt?

Here are the mushrooms:

Silverbeet & Spinach

I love the grey/green speckled stoneware that this dish is served upon. The use of enamel tin plates is all the rage, but scraping more cutlery along enamel is akin to scraping nails down a blackboard. Eugh. and shudder. The mushrooms are delicious – and I think that they have been marinated in thyme, but it is not overpowering. These are a good ‘shroom.

Here are my olive oil fried eggs:


The yolks are still gooey and runny, so I busy myself making toast soldiers. Morchilla is a spanish ‘blood pudding’ sausage -yum. The puy lentils are dark and almost crunchy, as though in the pan frying process, some got deepfried. Were they fully cooked? I’m not sure. I’m glad that I got the extra avocado for the relief from crunching. I polished off the dish and enjoyed it very much.

West Juliett Cafe – a lovely addition to the Marrickville scene, with an interesting menu and reasonable prices.

West Juliett Cafe
phone: (02) 9519-0101
street: 30 Llewellyn Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204
Mon-Sat: 0700 – 1600


Reuben Hills Cafe , Surry Hills

I have heard great things about Reuben Hills, so it was time to check it out for myself.

Reuben Hills

It was busy on a weekday lunchtime, but not so that I had to wait.

I was seated at the communal table near the garage door, and confronted with a terrible choice. Firstly, what to eat, and secondly: if I had one of their famed milkshakes, I would have no space for gelato from gelato messina. The shake menu changes on a weekly basis; I remember seeing coconut & lime, and rosewater and lychee.

Communal Table

I asked for a recommendation, and the waitress said that the watermelon salad was nice and very fresh (and it did look very nice on a neighbouring table), the crab tacos had a yummy corn-based slaw: but this was different to the slaw that came with the corn tortillas. A couple on the communal table ordered the F-Ing Great Chicken in a basket. This looked like big chunky strips of chicken in a pale orange batter, with a dipping sauce and some fried chillies. I had to take a sneaky pic:

Fried Chicken

It may have tasted F-Ing Great.

After some dithering, I settled on:

1. Cold pour over coffee ($7.5):
This was described in the menu as: peachy tea, fruity.

2. Not the Reuben ($16)
This was described in the menu as: wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego & horseradish cream on rye.

The water bottles were reusable 1 pint glass ones, originally used for milk. Where on earth did they source those from?

The Not-Reuben, although ordered second, arrived first in a pretty red plastic basket.

Not The Reuben

On top was a half radish which had been dipped in a chipotle salt which provided a nice contrast to the sandwich. The slaw had a slight gherkin like quality – as though the coleslaw had used leftover pickles water to loosen up the mayonnaise. This was very mouth-filling and moreish, and the horseradish cream added a little bit of a hot bite every now and then. The wagyu beef brisket had been nicely seared and had lots of caramelised crunchy bits to enjoy.

The cold pour over coffee was served in a white granite-like flask, with little foamy bubbles on top – from the nitrogen liquid cooling no doubt. It smelled as though I was biting into a roasted coffee bean; but it tasted like I had left my drip filter coffee sitting on the table all day and it had turned sour. I’m glad I tried it.

Cold Pour Over

I shall have to go again another time, and forego gelato for a shake!

The Freshwater Club

The prompt: “there is a lovely cafe at freshwater if you want to head up this way”

Coffee orders are taken upon first arrival, and turn up quickly.
Coffee is strong and decorative. You can feel the kickstart. Sarah thinks that the latte art (foam art?) is a picture of a dog, I thought Santa Claus with a large moustache:

Coffee @ The Freshwater Club

Corn fritters ($15.50) for brunch:
Freshwater club

These come with rocket, bacon and roast tomatoes, all of which was unexpected. They were all quite tasty.

I have certainly made pea and haloumi fritters. There you purée half the pea batter to bind the fritters together. The corn fritters appear to have used a flour based batter, and were crunchy and gluggy at the same time. I have a feeling I ordered these mainly because of my potato rosti *fail* earlier in the day – kipfler potatoes do not make good rosti.

The veggie breakfast has also been highly recommended.

Breakfast available all day
Baby friendly
Freshwater Club
7B Lawrence Street
Freshwater NSW 2096

Fax: (02) 9400 9673
Mobile: 0415 609 109

Single Origin Horse

Single Origin Horse by A Sydney Foodie
Single Origin Horse, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

Horses need coffee too!

Spotted at Single Origin Coffee while the staff were singing along to *Rawhide*. I kid you not.

Single Origin Coffee
60-64 Resevoir Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Weekdays 0630-1430

Outside the Square Cafe, Mudgee

3pm on a public holiday after a long long weekend. The pub bistro has just shut, but the barmaid said we might be lucky with the cafe across the road, Outside the Square.
They serve Toby’s Estate coffee, and give you a free coffee if you buy one of their reusable coffee cups.
That late in the day, we had a choice of what was still in the chiller cabinet or the specials board. The two that stood out for me were toasted foccacia with sundried tomato, cream cheese, avocado; and a toasted ciabatta with roast beef, kumara, tomato relish and sauteed onion. So we ordered one of each and a small coffee which came to $20. All three were delicious, but I really liked the roast beef one, the combination of flavours worked really well. So moreish and I might even try to recreate it myself!
Outside the Square Cafe
85a Mortimer Street, Mudgee NSW
Telephone 02-6372 4260
Opens 7am daily, open public holidays.

Bruschetteria 102, Surry Hills (Closed)

I spotted this place several times whilst driving up the hill from central station to Surry Hills, and was intrigued.

This is a collaboration between Bruscheteria 102 and Arteflo design. You can try the furniture before you buy, because it is the cafe furniture you are sitting on.

The menu is simple, primarily bruschetta and panani with a few blackboard specials at lunchtime. There is a 5kg jar of Nutella on the counter, it is bigger than my head. On the wall is the slogan: “what would life be like without Nutella?”, and so there is on offer both coffee and hot chocolate with Nutella. Do they really make it with Nutella? Wouldn’t the cup end up greasy with all that hydrogenated fat?

I decided to test out the ‘simple ingredients are best’ theory, and ordered the margherita bruschetta and despite some reservations, a coffee with Nutella.

Nutella coffee @ Bruschetteria102

The coffee comes quickly: it is patterned with Nutella flavoured swirl, and in the base of the cup are dregs of nutty chocolate. It doesn’t seem greasy at all, although surely there is some thinning of Nutella for the garnish.

The bruschetta arrives on a wooden platter, two slices with a simple salad in the middle. The tomato paste used on the bruschetta seems to be quite thick and plain, dotted with slices of melted bocconcini and basil. I can’t detect any garlic. It’s not *quite* what I’m after – the margherita pizza from The Rose (pub) in Chippendale (*drool*), but it isn’t too bad. The bill all up is $17.50.

Note: Bruschetteria 102 closed in about June 2015.

Bruschetteria 102
Shop 1&2, 102 Albion Street (near Riley Street)
Surry Hills NSW
Ph: 02 9281 3653
0700 – 1600, Tuesday – Sunday
Dinner 1800 – 2200, Thursday – Saturday