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Harvest Monday, June 2017

Welcome to Harvest Monday, where we celebrate all things harvest related.

I gave in, and finally pulled out my hairy winter melon cross vines. The leaves had started to die back as winter and frosts had hit. Final lot of hairy winter melons:

Hairy winter melon

3 from one vine (the main producer); the fourth from a vine on its own. 346g, 700g, 664g, 900g. That’s a total 10.64kg from some random seeds that just popped up in the garden bed.



Its started to rain – quite a lot. My second hand of bananas started to form in about April 2017. One of the bananas had started to split – probably because of the rain. The upturned ends had also started to rot. So I harvested it, with the hopes that being indoors and warm, my bananas would start ripening to yellow without deteriorating further. 1675g the hand. Perhaps I need a ripe banana to put with them, give off some ethylene gas and help with ripening them to yellow.


The second lot of onion seeds took, so some of these I have planted. What is interesting is a little stalk grows up, and the onion seed (slip) is on the top.

I have planted out those seedlings I showed in the last garden update post – kohlrabi, snow peas, dwarf peas. I have also planted out some garlic – elephant, and some other purple type that I picked up from the organic food store.

I also ripped out the brussels sprout “tree” – which was infected with many aphids, and possibly white cabbage moth – lots of little white moths the size of the aphids, very hard to squash. There were a few sprouts which had rootlets on them, so I replanted them. I’m trying an alternate method of control – land cress seeds. Apparently if the white cabbage moth is around, it lays its eggs in the land cress, and the larvae eat it (in preference to the brassicas). This kills them.


Guavas 2017

Guava season has started. I haven’t really eaten that many this year, and I haven’t had much time to process them. I’ve been swapping them mainly, more on that next post.



Looking good for a patch entirely in the shade! I’ve harvested from this once. Not quite micro greens, perhaps mini greens. I’ve actually been harvesting dandelion leaves, sweet potato leaves, malabar spinach leaves, parsley and mustard greens for my local greens boost.

Horta, June 2017


Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts

There’s more to the sprout than bacon.

I tried this dish at Wilbur’s Place, and it was so delicious, I had to work out how to make it myself. I am now actively buying sprouts – more than once a season. This is unusual for me!

Brussel sprouts
Preserved lemons
Fresh Garlic – banged with the side of your knife and sliced
Fresh chilli, thinly sliced – to your heat rating
Olive oil

Peel and discard the outer leaves of your sprouts.

Now peel each leaf of the sprout, and retain. You may find yourself chopping the bottom off the sprout ‘head’ every few leaves to make it easier. This step is time consuming and fiddly, so if you’re impatient like me, the inner half I end up slicing across the sprout head – you want 5mm ish slices.

If your preserved lemons are segments – wash the lemon, scoop out and discard the flesh. Slice the rind thinly. One quarter lemon will be plenty for 250g ish of sprouts. I have an ancient jar of preserved lemon ‘slices’ which I use as is.

Heat up your fry pan with oil, then add garlic. Reduce heat to medium. Once it starts to smell wonderful, add your sliced Brussels sprouts and stick a lid on top to keep the heat in. Add in your preserved lemon, and stir it around. Return the lid. When the brussel sprout slices start to wilt, add in the separated leaves.

When the separated leaves start to wilt as well, add your chilli slices and stir it around.

Serve hot and immediately.

Brussels Sprouts


This method works very well with stir fried cabbage. Another substitution that works really well using garlic, squashed up anchovies and chilli.