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Vege Delight Restaurant, Quakers Hill

I had a dinner date with a friend. She suggested we try a new place that had opened in Quakers Hill. We are both fans of the Masala Dosa (!Crispy! I must always have this crispy), so we decided to give Vege Delight a try.

Their slogan is: “No Egg, No Meat, No Worries!”

The restaurant was empty at 630pm on a weekday night, but as we were finishing up it started to fill. The takeaway menu is slightly different to the eat-in, mainly in that some of the set meals are not available. There seem to be quite a few dishes that I have not seen at other places, including Makki Di Roti – a corn based bread, Jal Jeera and Badam milk beverages. The prices are the same for eat in or takeaway.

We ordered:

Masala Dosa ($12.90)
Dal Makhini ($10.90)
Saag thali set meal, which included two pieces of Makki Di Roti ($18.90)
Jal Jeera ($3.90)

Unfortunately, there was no Badam milk available, so I went without. It sounds a bit like the Mexican horchatas drink: Milk with a richness of almonds and sugar topped with saffron and cardamon. You can see why I wanted to try it.

The Masala Lassi arrived first. This was described as a beverage with tangy Indian spices .
It was nice and refreshing with a good sour tang. It took away the heat of the dishes without the heaviness that a mango lassi offers.

The saag thali set meal was next to arrive:

Vege Delight

Clockwise from top left of the tray we have makki di roti, Sarson da Saag, Paneer Makhni, a ginger and green chilli pickle, a turnip salad (mooli salad). You can also see the masala lassi on the far left.

The corn based bread, Makki di roti, is awesome. This is the first time that I have seen this style of bread on a menu. We are assured at the time of ordering that it is wheat free*.

Saag is an intense green dish made from ‘mustard leaves’ and spinach. It’s what a Punjabi Popeye would eat. I find it is too intense to eat on its own, so it is good the set dish comes with a variety of tastes. The ginger and chilli pickle is deceptively mild and tasty, until you find a chilli seed that blows your head off. Paneer Makhni tastes like an overly sweet “butter chicken” sauce, but with cubes of paneer cheese.

Dal Makhini:

Vege Delight - Dal Makhni

I ordered this dish as a just in case I got hungry. It is black lentils slow cooked with tomato, ginger, coriander and butter. It reminded me a lot of an Indian version of refried beans, and worked quite well mixed with steamed rice.

Masala Dosa:

Vege Delight

The Masala dosa is very crispy, and the accompanying sambal is light and refreshing without too much chilli. The coconut chutney has a slightly sour fermented taste, and is not quite to my liking.

* Unfortunately for my gluten-free friend, the stomach pains later on suggested that perhaps the corn bread was not “wheat free”. In addition, I check my Book of Asian Ingredients which states that the recipe uses corn meal and atta flour; “Atta flour is fine wholemeal flour … Other flours bearing the name atta are bajra atta (millet flour) or jowar atta (sorghum flour). However atta usually refers to wheat flour. “. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding on our part in not confirming what the ingredients were. Perhaps to the waitress, ‘atta flour’ is not the same as ‘wheat flour’.

I will be visiting this place again for the sheer variety of different vegetarian dishes available. You can even order pizza/pasta dishes with an Indian twist. However, if you are someone with food intolerances, it would be advised to double and triple check the ingredients before you order, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Vege Delight Restaurant, Quakers Hill
street: 6 Douglas Road, Quakers Hill NSW
phone: +61-2-9837-0307