Monday Harvest, August 2021

It’s time once again for Harvest Monday, where we celebrate all things harvest related. 

I’ve been quiet because busy busy. Not much happening in the garden because most of my down time has been spent lying on the couch in a lot of “cannot be bothereds”, and my work day is book-ended by walks in the park. I really need the walks to separate my “work from home” life from my “life at home” life, and it helps keep me sane.

Sydney is currently under various stages of lockdown to try and contain the delta variant of covid-19, and my area is under one of the strictest orders. Now I must wear a mask when outside my house/property, and cannot go more than 5km from home. I tell you, I tried playing badminton today wearing a mask, and I was overheating!

But let’s talk about my winter harvest.

Firstly, guavas:

Guavas 2021

I haven’t actually weighed my harvests, but this year has been really productive. I’m getting (probably) 5-10kg worth of fruit on a weekly basis, and it’s been about 7 weeks so far. In non-covid years, I would have swapped these beauties for other goods. This year, because of restrictions of travel, I’ve been turning most of these into rather disappointing fruit leathers. Two years ago, I made the most perfect guava fruit leather recipe. This year, I cannot replicate it. So instead I’m getting gritty guava chips. I have tried up to 50% apple sauce/50% guava puree (de-seeded), and I cannot get the texture that I am looking for. Combos include with apple sauce, bush lemon juice (& zest), pureed pear, banana, and even the fruit from a monstera deliciosa (foraged). Nope. Fruit leather does not want to cooperate with me this year.

Secondly, Macadamia nuts:

Macadamias 2021

I haven’t actually got a macadamia tree*, but I have found a street tree in my travels. As they fruit in winter, I have been busily collecting and de-husking the nuts. I think I like foraged macadamia nuts much better than bunya nuts, because the return on investment is much better, almost 1:1 versus 1:30 chance in getting an edible nut!

* I have a macadamia nut seedling, which sprouted in the compost from a discarded 2020 nut. I shall try and grow it.

I didn’t take a photo, but I did a huge harvest of my silverbeet. Mainly to clear my planter box so that I could plant garlic before the winter solstice.

So dear reader, how are your winter harvests going?

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  1. I love mac nuts and the idea of growing your own is amazing! Too bad about the fruit leathers though. We’ve had good luck making blackberry leather, but the seeds do make it gritty and, well, seedy.


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