Still here

Still here. Life has become busy.

Since November 2020 ish, my mum has gone from having low care needs to medium-to-high care needs. This means that if I’m not at home, or working from home, exercising (to keep myself sane): I’m at her place.
Covid-19 has a lot to answer for, in that all of the emergency lockdown provisions have meant that our elderly have become socially isolated (more so), and this has escalated their mental decline, particularly if they are suffering from a dementia related illness.
Garden is still chugging along with the cherry tomatoes going strong, silverbeet going nuts, and chokoes (chayote) had to be harvested with an extendable pole and me standing on a milkcrate. I haven’t yet planted garlic for winter growing, or my potatoes for last summer’s growing. I got very excited when I spotted a surprise hand of bananas growing in my mini banana grove. I suspect the
intense 1:100 rainfall that we had in March 2021
may have contributed to the surprise!

How are you going, dear reader? How does your garden grow?

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