Plastic Free July 2018 – Day 2

I wanted to make grandmother’s tofu mapo tofu for dinner, but I was struck by a dilemma.

Do I buy fresh tofu in a tube made of soft plastic; in a box made of a combo of hard plastic and soft plastic lid; or
Do I buy shelf stable tofu which comes in a possibly aluminium lined cardboard package?

Which has least impact upon the environment? Does the tetra pak even get recycled in Australia?

I came up with an idea – make chickpea (flour) tofu, and there was an Indian shop nearby that sells some bulk goods. Unfortunately, they don’t sell besan flour/chickpea flour out of the bulk goods bins, only in a plastic wrapper. There is no paper bag alternative. I don’t have time for a two hour round trip into the bulk goods store in the city. Although I think I have soy flour, I have seen some webpages saying that making tofu from soy flour has a gritty unpleasant texture.

Plastic Free July Day 2

4. Chickpea flour wrapper. The plastic bag has the word “hygenic” written on it.
5. Tomato paste wrapper. It’s made from a foil/plastic combo. 50g portion, I don’t have to store the rest of the jar in the fridge-with-no-space like I would if I bought a glass jar. Sigh.
6. Takeaway container from a thai mung bean dessert. Purchased in June, finished in July. But it’s so tasty! And I have tried to make it myself and it wasn’t as nice! (There is no option to bring your own container). No more thai desserts for me for July. I will reuse this container.
7. Soap wrapper. In June, I supported a small business by buying their little soap product at a community market. I should ask them to think about using paper wrapping (or no wrapping!) in future.

Oh! But I managed to buy my pork mince in a resused plastic takeaway container!:

Plastic free July Day 2

Okay, so I don’t think the high school kid behind the counter had done any food safety handling courses, and he sort of handed me my change with a meat smeared glove …. but that’s one plastic bag less, right?


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