Plastic Free July update

An update on my plastic free July progress so far:

This has been difficult, as I’ve spent half of the time travelling overseas. When you get takeaway food, the server chucks in a plastic fork without thinking. So I shouldn’t get takeaway food. I have used the disposable forks more than once.

With coffee, I have either been reusing my keep cup, or getting the takeaway coffee without the plastic lid.

I have used two plastic straws.

I bought these ‘zippable’ bulk produce bags for $15 USD:

Bulk foods bags

Then I realised that I generally take my own reusable containers to the bulk foods shop Alfalfa house anyway, but these will be useful for buying loose items like fruit and veg.

Other than that, I have generally continued on my merry way, buying shrink wrapped meat (sorry). However, I did buy some avocados recently: the ones on the shrink wrapped styrofoam tray were cheaper per fruit, but I bought the loose ones because they weren’t wrapped in plastic.

Post-post note: I have found a use for those single use plastic spoons I get from my addiction to gelato. I use them as seedling markers in the garden.

Here is an update from my friend, Paul:

15 July: So far my plastic free living is going ok. I’ve used a total of 6 pieces. It’s not ideal but it’s far better than I was doing previously.

Piece 1: A chicken to roast (Pre-wrapped)
Piece 2: A block of cheese (Pre-wrapped).
Piece 3: Some bacon. The butcher could pick it up with the plastic or use a plastic glove to pick it up. I admitted defeat.
Piece 4: Was a loaf of bread that I bought in paper only to find when I got home the paper was plastic lined.
Piece 5: A shoulder of lamb (Pre-wrapped)
Piece 6: A bottle of Coke. This is the one that annoys me the most I was out at a work lunch and all the drinks they had to offer were in plastic bottles so I had one.

The thing that I am most proud of is that I’ve not used a single plastic bag or takeaway coffee cup. They are the two habits I’m trying to break.

I have now also found a butcher that will give me whatever meat I want by placing it straight into my Tupperware containers. Knowing this before would have halved the amount of plastic I’ve used so far.

I think he has tracked far better than myself!


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