Mindful in May 2016

The past twelve months have been quite a shit, really, so I had been looking forward to the start of May, and the Mindful in May challenge.


Turns out that the organiser is taking a “mindfulness” sabbatical for 2016. Good on her.

My goals for May:
1. Meditate/yoga on a daily basis, with 6 days out of 7 on a rolling average
2. Be more mindful

Then, it turned into a *shit* of a month with an ex-colleague passing away due to cancer recurrence, the father in law passing due to pulmonary fibrosis (so he basically suffocated to death), and a good friend’s sister deciding to take her own life.

My problems are nothing.

Nothing is ever that bad. The world is a much better place with you in it, please don’t ever think otherwise.
Talk to a friend. Reach out. Eat a bucketload of chocolate. Talk to a counsellor. GET HELP.

In Australia, you can get up to ten counseling sessions per calender year for FREE through Medicare. Or call Lifeline’s 24hr crisis telephone line on 13 11 14.

The Black Dog Institute has a whole bunch of factsheets about depression, bipolar disorder, mental health, and techniques to staying well. There is even a factsheet on mindfulness, with a couple of excercises listed to get you started.

A book that I have found resonated with me is The Wellness Sense, by Om Swami.

And have I practiced mindfulness so far in May 2016? No not really. I did a yoga sequence on 30/4 and 1/5, then work/uni/life got in the way. But there’s always tomorrow!


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