I object

I’m really getting fed up with the writers and reviewers at good living/good food. The entire reason I have a subscription to the newspaper is to get the Tuesday liftout about food, but I’m at that point of cancelling the subscription.

1. Tomato sauce
There’s more to tomato sauce than the big American brand Heinz. So why did they review two products from Heinz in their GL tomato sauce taste test?

Why not include three-threes? It comes in a snazzy glass bottle, they’re stocked in IGA stores, they’re an Australian family owned business, and they do pickles and tomato sauce.

What about Rosella? Available in Colesworth, and it’s Australian owned too.

I actually shifted from Rosella’s to three-threes, mainly from when Rosella’s went into receivership in 2012 and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be available any more.

I’ve actually noticed that the little takeaway tomato sauce sachets from McDonalds have gone from being tomatoes/salt/sugar/vinegar/water to containing high fructose corn syrup, produced by Heinz.

2. Farmers Markets versus Supermarkets

I recently read Matthew Evan’s autobiography, who used to be a reviewer for the good living/good food liftout. In his book, he says that when he wrote for the food & travel magazine, there were a lot of puff pieces that had been paid for by an advertiser – such as yet another article about a Noosa resort that no reader was going to be able to afford to visit anyway. He said that it was a breath of fresh air to have a budget to eat out with and review food places during his time at Good Living. But I wonder, with the recent budget cuts, has the mood changed?

My objections to the “article” include
– why compare locally grown valencia oranges compared to imported navel oranges? They taste completely different! It would have been a fairer comparison to compare a local navel orange to an imported navel orange.
– fruit & veg that I buy from the farmers markets lasts much longer than that which I purchase from the supermarket. It also tastes better. Generally, I have found the prices to be comparable per kilo.
– Meat tastes better! Bacon Tastes better! (And you have to admit it is all about the bacon). I also find that the meat lasts longer from the farmers markets.

I try and do most of my shopping at farmers markets, the food co-op, or the local green grocer and butcher. I make a conscious decision to buy locally owned or made; or Australian made products. If the lemons, kiwi fruit or asparagus are imported, I will use something else.

What about you, dear reader? Can you spot the difference between farmers markets produce & supermarket produce? What do you go out of your way to purchase that is made or grown locally?


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