Pyrmont Farmers markets is closing

The granddaddy* of farmers markets in Sydney is closing down!

I think my sister heard rumours about this before it was announced in the paper.

I was quite sad to hear about this, it was probably the first farmers markets that I attended.

Looking at my earlier posts, although the first dated post discussing the markets is in 2009, I had definitely been going in the years before. I remember overhearing someone declaring “these are the best markets ever!”, and me thinking: Hmm, you don’t get out much, do you?

I wonder – was it because there’s now a lot more competition for farmers markets, the one at Pyrmont being one of the first?
Was it because the rent charged by the nearby casino got too expensive?
The lack of parking and public transport?
Or has Sydney followed America’s lead, and reached peak farmers market saturation? I did ask a producer at my local market, and it was agreed that market sales had been slowing down.

Saturday 2 April 2016 will be the last growers markets for the forseeable future. I do wonder if there will be a special one off for good food month later on in October.

*I acknowledge that the Orange grove markets in Rozelle were in-place before the Pyrmont markets started.


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