The Pique of Pickled Chillies

I had a kilo of long red chillies sitting in my fridge, purchased about a month ago. I had intended to make another batch of nahm prik pao (chilli jam) from David Thompson’s Thai Food cookbook. This takes to a total of four recipes that I have cooked from this book. I actually have had a Laotian friend go through this tome and bookmark all the recipes that she would cook on a regular basis. The chilli jam was one of them.

Pique, from Linda Ziedrich’s The Joy of Pickling:

“The simplest hot sauce of all – and one that is immensely popular in the West Indies – is a vinegar in which hot peppers have been stepped. In Puerto Rico a rum bottle full of pique sits on every restaurant table, displaying long, thin peppers in assorted colors.”

Pickled Chillies, from Adam Liaw’s Two Asian Kitchens, focuses more on the chillies. It doesn’t have the extra flavour additives like garlic and peppercorns that the Pique recipe has.

One focuses on the Vinegar, one on the chillies.

So instead of making nahm prik pao, I decided to make the simplest preserved chillies recipe of all. Stick ’em in vinegar!

Wash, boil, and the dry off in a 100 deg C oven your jars so that they’re sterilised.

I found that the vinegar/liquid quantities in Adam’s recipe not enough to fully cover my deseeded chilli slices. From the looks of it, this would have also been a problem with Linda’s recipe. I had to make double the quantity of liquid. I used a combo of no-name brand supermarket vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

Here is the final product:

Pickled chillies

They look so pretty, I am now regretting tossing the rest of the chillies into the compost bin!


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  1. I have several jars of pickled peppers sitting in my frig. I sometimes put a clove or two of garlic in there to give them some extra flavor. The jam sounds interesting too.


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