West Village, Petersham

I’m so early in visiting this place, they’re still swapping out the old bar stools and unwrapping the new ones.
I count six style of ‘seat’, which looks pretty, but will be a pain to replace in future. The smell of fresh paint is still in the air. I’m that early, the kitchen hasn’t opened yet.

I’ve just visited the dentist, so I’m limited in my selection.

Kimchi Poutine ($12):

Kimchi Poutine

Fries topped with kimchi, melted cheese, spring onion and crème fraiche. This is not poutine as you know it. It is described by my Canadian friend as “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of”. I counter with “well, poutine doesn’t exactly sound that great either “. I don’t think that this dish will endear the poutine lovers. The main aroma I get is from the crème fraiche and spring onion. I’m not sure what kind of cheese has been used, but it’s sort of generic and oily. I’m thinking truffle pecorino would work really well here – perhaps I’m thinking of the truffle fries from Charlie & Co. The kimchi is OK, I quite like the shreds of grated carrot intermixed.

Blue Swimmer crab roll ($12):

Blue swimmer crab roll

I have been reading a lot about blue swimmer crab recently. I think it’s in season, but about to go out of season. What will the chef do once we are out of season? Reprint the newly printed menus?

This is a teeny tiny serving. You know the bakery dinner rolls you get from the supermarket in the pack of six? Like that. Or the size of your computer mouse. I get it, it’s frustrating picking out crabmeat from the shell. Plus seafood is expensive. It was just unexpected.

The crab roll itself is really nice. The celery has been very finely sliced, and it’s in the mixture with the crab and Mayo. The avocado is presented as separate wedges.

When I can chew properly, I will have to head back and try the Seafood Chowder Pot Pie and the Herb Crusted Pot Loin.

West Village
street: 30 Terminus Street, Petersham NSW 2049
web: http://westvillagesydney.com.au/
phone: +61-2-9569-4679
Pub hours:
Mon-Sat: 1100-0000 Midnight.
Sun: 12noon – 2200.

Kitchen hours from 12noon.


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