Summer in the Garden, 2015

After my most recent visit to the USA, and driving around the Santa Rosa wine country area, I was really inspired to dig my rogue grapevine out of the planter box, and trellis it and use it as a “living fence” out the front of the box. But I couldn’t dig it out of the planter box. I guess the roots go deeper than you think.

So I trellised it in place:

South facing planter box

I didn’t really want to stick opposing stakes in the ground to give the trellis tension, so I just used garden stakes to give the thing rigidity. (The grapevine is hidden behind the self seeding parsley)

Two apples, one per columnar:

Two apples

These are really delicate. You touch one to stick a fruit fly exclusion bag on it, and the fruit falls off. I’ve already lost two fruit on the



Yes, I bought this as a seedling. It’s planted in the relocated garden bed, but although it gets lovely sun in the winter, it has a lot of sun in summer. The zucchini leaves do wilt a bit during the heat of the day. Perhaps a deciduous tree to the north of the planter box?

Not much else is happening. I’ve managed to keep the rhubarb alive; the one in the south facing planter box in front of the grapevine is doing quite well, probably because it is quite well shaded by the lemongrass. It is doing much better than the rhubarb that is facing north. I got a mere six or so asparagus from my two crowns. I had let the ferns grow throughout winter, so I’m not sure what I didn’t do. Perhaps I was meant to fertilise?


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