Apple Bar, Bilpin

My friend Simon loves the Apple Bar. Every time he drives past down the Bells Line of Road, he has to stop in for a meal.

I have never had that chance – up to now – because every time I have driven past, the place is full to the gunnels. But this Saturday, at around 4pm, the carpark was relatively empty. So it was my turn.

As it is spring, the raw bar menu has started. There were three kinds a sashimi available, and I chose the first.

Jasmine tea smoked Yellowfin Tuna:

Tea smoked tuna

Wowee. The smoking (and subsequent rolling in sesame seeds – both black and white), has turned a simple slab of AAA+ grade sashimi into a very meaty dish. The touches of fish roe and cream set it off perfectly. The addition of the small bowl of soy sauce wasn’t really needed.

I have smoked a chicken once before, using some Jasmine tea bought in Taiwan. So of course I had to pick this dish to see how it turned out.

Pork Loin (wood grilled) with caramelised apple juice and avocado salad:

Wood cooked pork loin

The caramelised apple juice was thick and dark, like molasses. The fat on the pork chop had ben crispified, very nice. Pork was moist and lovely still, the next day (yes, I had to take leftovers with me). There were bits of fresh apple throughout the chunks of avocado, daikon radish, nigella seeds. Please Sir, can I have some more?

Upside down apple cake with vanilla bean icecream:

Upside down apple cake

The custard was incorporated into icecream, it was such a lovely yellow colour with speckles of vanilla bean seeds throughout. The cake itself was a very fine specimen. I had recently made a guava and pear upside down cake, but my one was missing the lovely vanilla custard ice cream.

I think I’m going to stop in on this place more often!

The Apple Bar
Street: 2488 Bells Line of Road, Bilpin, NSW.

Lunch: 1200 onwards, Friday to Monday
Dinner: 1730, Friday to Sunday
All day Sundays.

Post Note Note: The Apple Bar will be closing for good on Monday 1 February 2016.


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