Sokyo Ramen Pop-up, Pyrmont

I read about the pop up ramen store in the good food supplement in the newspaper. Now that I’m working a few days in the city, it was a perfect opportunity to catch the tram over and increase my week’s opal travel card trip count.

This area of the casino has certainly changed. I remember when it was nothing but a rather sad sports bar, and a long corridor plus wall shielding the gambling on the other side.

I actually ordered the same stuff as was recommended in the article.

Yuzu Shio Ramen ($15) and Yuzu pop soda ($6):

Yuzu shio ramen

The blurb says:

Chicken & Katsuobushi dashi, yuzu & mixed green salad, pork cheek chashu, marinated egg, nori, yuzu kosho, noodle soup.

This was disappointing. Perhaps the broth wasn’t hot enough, but I found the slight sheen of oil on top of the broth kind of unpleasant. I didn’t really pick up any of the yuzu flavour in the broth; it was very light, almost as if it was chicken based. The nori seaweed sheet that was stuck to side of the bowl had been stuck with the yuzu based pickle (yuzu kosho), which actually made the nori taste yucky. Perhaps I was supposed to stir this into the broth? The ramen was quite firm with that al dente bite. I never really noticed this until I read Michael’s impressive post for the search about the best (tonkotsu) ramen in Sydney. Do you think he’s still hungry?

The Yuzu pop soda is described as Yuzu, passionfruit, aloe vera juice, Orgreat almond syrup, soda;

This was not as sweet as I had been expecting. Perhaps they had toned the recipe down since the reviewer had visited?

For interest, the Umami tonkotsu 2.0 ramen ($16), and watermelon juice ($6.5):

Share from Pixlr

The blurb says: Pork, chicken & seafood dashi, pork back fat, umami soy kaeshi, pork cheek chashu, black fungus, marinated egg, nori, yuzu kosho, noodle soup.

Mai-san’s fried chicken ($9):

Mai-san's fried chicken

The spicy mayo wasn’t. The fried chicken were small bite sized pieces, nothing to rave about, but nothing offensive about it.

All the drinks were icy cold, like they had been pre-made, sealed in the plastic cup, and refrigerated.

My dining companion said that the tonkotsu ramen was fine, he was just a bit disappointed with the quantity for the price.

I took the leftover broth with me, as always, and had it later with some rice.

Sokyo Ramen pop up

Sokyo ramen pop up
Street: Level G, Star City Food Court (South side of the complex)
(Open until end November 2015)
Sun – Mon: 1130-2100
Tue – Thu: 1130-2230
Fri – Sat: 1130 – 2300


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  1. Posted by Paulina on January 21, 2016 at 17:42

    Hi there! Enjoyed reading about your experience at the Sokyo pop-up, though sorry it wasn’t as good as you might have liked. I was wondering if I could ask you a question about the post over email? If so, please send me a note at the email address I provided. Thank you!


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