Dae Ga Korean Restaurant, Parramatta

There’s a new restaurant in town, and it’s clearing out the local bottle-o of korean plum wine.

Dae Ga Korean has opened in the shopfront that the Chinese Noodle Bar used to occupy. The dining room has been freshened up with new furniture, and new shiny silver coloured pull down/zip up extractor fans installed over each table. It’s a bit quiet early on, but the room is soon half full with Koreans.

It’s a cold winter’s night, so we opt for spicy hot pot with a side of rice.

This being a korean restaurant, we were looking forward to the banchan side dishes:

Banchan at Dae Ga

Kimchi, Smooshy mashed potato scooped up with an icecream scoop, seaweed/kelp with sesame oil, mung bean sprouts slightly pickled, soy bean ‘skins’ in sesame oil, daikon pickled with vinegar a chlli, gluten ‘skins’ and potato in a sweet sticky sauce. My favourites were the mashed potato and the seaweed.

Seafood Spicy Hot Pot ($43):

Spicy seafood hot pot

I remember enoki mushrooms, octopus (divided head and legs), mung bean sprouts, zucchini, fish balls, cabbage, glutinous sweet potato noodles, carrot and pickled bamboo. The spicy broth wasn’t too spicy despite my trepidation. Perhaps a heat rating of 2 out of 10.

The rice comes in little metal canisters with a lid, possibly to keep it warm. Perhaps it’s so you can carry your lunch to work.

Plum Wine:

Plum liquor

We had actually brought along our own bottle of plum wine, and we were charged $5 corkage. I believe that the restaurant is in the process of obtaining their liquor licence, so very soon you should be able to order alcohol with your meal rather than BYO.

Dae Ga Korean Restaurant
street: 42 George Street, Parramatta 2150
phone: +61-2-9687-4242
Mon-Sat: 1000 – 2200
Sun: 1700 – 2200


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