Baja Kale Chips, Baja

I borrowed two books on “raw food” from the library. Then I went to the shops and bought some lamb’s fry (liver) because it was there, on impulse. I suppose that that is my random liver moment. I’ve already told you that I’m a disbeliever to the ‘raw food’ movement. I guess I’m craving iron. So it was time to make kale chips again.

There was a recipe for Baja Kale chips (mysteriously filed under ‘B’ for Baja). The sunshine coast daily has kindly put Baja Kale Chips on the internet.

The next day, there was a function and a fruit platter at work, so I took advantage of the free pineapple to try out the recipe.

Flavour Mixture:

Baja kale chips flavouring

The mixture was a lot more wet than I’m used to. After tasting it, I compounded the problem by adding a splash of apple cider vinegar and a lot of pepper. I think that the mixture needed a little more acidity.

Once the kale chips are dried, they look much the same as any other kale chips. So I ate them. There is no photo. They were an interesting sweet and sour flavour that I wouldn’t have picked as pineapple, if I hadn’t made them myself. I would probably make them again if I had access to some spare pineapple. I wouldn’t purposely go out and buy a pineapple just to make them.


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