Pana Chocolate, Alexandria

After visiting Bread and Circus, I also stuck my head into Pana Chocolate, which is just down the hall in the same complex.

I love a good chocolate. Especially the fancy ones that are selected individually and then packed into a fancy pants box and tied up with a ribbon.

But I’m afraid that no matter how raw, organic and handmade your chocolates are; if your shop fit out has exposed metal, and your staff are cleaning the display cabinet with some kind of foul smelling shine-em so much so that I have to hold my breath whilst selecting my fancy pants chocolate – I’m afraid that I won’t be back.

My pana chocolate selection:
Pana Chocolate selection

-Grapefruit heart
-Pink Lemonade.
-Open sesame.
-Sticky Date.
-Chocolate Crackle.

Not too sweet. I like the variety of individual flavours available. I’m not sure how “lemonadey” the pink one was.

Worth a visit if you’re in the area, and the staff aren’t cleaning. See previous comments regarding the cleaning products.

You can also buy some of their chocolate bars at various hippy shops around the place – like whole foods house Waterloo, or IGA Glebe. The bar chocolate generally contains cocao, coconut oil, carob. The wild orange and fig one which I purchased at a later date was very tasty without a heavy hit of “coconut” flavour that coconut oil can sometimes produce.

Pana Chocolate
Street: 21 Fountain Street, Alexandria NSW 2015
Phone: 1300 717 488
M-F: 1000- 1700,
S-S: 1000-1600


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