Bread and Circus, Alexandria

The first time that I tried to visit Bread and Circus, the queue was 30 deep for a weekend lunchtime. I cut my losses, and went to Rosetta Stone instead. It was very nice indeed.

The second time that I tried to visit, I had given up trying to find a car parking space in the vicinity of Grounds of Alexandria. As it was, it was a weekday lunchtime, and the big green alcohol store across the road had installed a security guard to ensure that you weren’t just using their property as a parking lot, and you were a genuine shopper. One six pack later… Parking in this area is *awful*, just don’t drive.

The phrase ‘bread and circuses‘, according to wikipedia means to

“describe the generation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace.”


It was so hard to decide what to get. There was soup… there was a multitude of fresh squeezed juices… there was salad… there were sandwich boxes.
You could even get Nepalese style coffee – coffee with a knob of butter in it (instead of soured yak’s butter).

Lemongrass and ginger chai ($4):

Bread and Circus Chai

This was in a big metal vat, with chai set to warm. It was kind of meh… and I forgot to ask if there was alternative to cow’s milk available. Presentation 0. Taste – very zingy and gingery. Slightly stewed.

Regular salad ($16):

Bread and Circus salad

The salad changes daily (weekly), depending on what’s in season. You can also get a side salad for $10, or a ginormous sharing salad for $25.

I couldn’t quite decide: so yes, I got them all.
From left to right:
– Cinnamon roasted baby carrot and fennel with biodynamic yoghurt garlic basil and fresh lemon;
– Capsicum stuffed cherry tomato and goats feta with chilli flakes garlic torn basil salt and pepper ( my fave),
– Green papaya cucumber and torn mint with lime chilli and crushed almond(kinda meh),
– Fresh cabbage kale sprouts and shiso with yuzu and pomegranate (also meh),
– Charred yellow bean cherry tomato and haloumi with mint basil oil wild rocket and parsley. The haloumi tasted more like tofu

Based on the descriptions alone, I would have chosen salads 1,4,5. Surprisingly, I much preferred salad 2 ~ which from the description I would’ve thought sounded a bit ordinary. Perhaps I really just like goats cheese, but this was really nice: halved pieces of roast cherry tomato, dabs of goats cheese marinated in oil, tucked into a 1/4 vertical slice of capsicum for each ‘serve’. I found that salads 3,4,5 were a bit plain, and didn’t have a strong outstanding flavour or dressing. I guess the point was lots of colours and textures in your food.

A side of six hour grass fed lamb farro kale & carrot soup ($8):

Lamb and Farro soup

Strong lamb-y mutton-y taste. Almost goat like! The kale I thought was silverbeet, it almost had a dehydrated pak choy type of taste, which you sometimes find in chinese style soups. Six hour cooking process maybe. I think that this was my first encounter with farro! I may try and replicate a similar style of soup, but with pearl barley as it is easier to find than farro.

So, overall?

It was a bit… Meh. Although this was probably the first time I have seen two guys order salad and a green drink. If I was in the area and there wasn’t a queue – maybe. Perhaps if I liked the look of something on their menu (and it certainly is an inspiring and varied one), I would pre-order via phone or email (orders by 10am). It’s a tad on the expensive side I thought. But I also thought that about kitchen by mike.

Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen
street: 21 Fountain Street Alexandria
S-S: 0700-1600
M-F: 0700-1500
Phone: +61 418 214 425
Last food orders 40 minutes before closing.


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