Vivid Sydney 2015

I only saw a snippet of the Vivid 2015 light festival in Sydney this year.

I caught the train to Circular Quay, saw the lights from the Cahill Expressway. Watched the light show projected on Customs House. Whilst waiting ferry to Darling Harbour, I also saw the light show projections on the Museum of Contemporary Art building and the Opera House. Finally, there I saw a bit of the light and music show in the water at Darling Harbour. That one reminded me a bit of the light show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, except the music was turned all the way up to eleven and was WAY TOO LOUD. Eh? Wazzat? I can’t hear you.

My favourite?

Customs House:

Vivid 2015

Unlike may others in the crowd, I didn’t take simultaneous video and still photos of the show. Apparently it was called Enchanted Sydney, designed by the Spinifex Group. I just know it had an explanatory sign on it for number 12. Plus there was a bee flitting around some of the early botanical scenes.

I liked it because it told a story. The projected shows on the MCA and the operahouse were just pretty patterns. It reminded me a bit of the 2014 Christmas light show on the Melbourne Town Hall – created by the Electric Canvas.


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