The Stinking Bishops, Enmore

You must have the cheese toastie.

That was the recommendation. So a year after it opened, I finally made it to the Stinking Bishops.

Mushroom Mr Crispy ($15):

Mr Crispy

It was indeed very crispy. And Tasty. There were at least two different kinds of mushrooms – enoki and your standard button mushroom. It was moreish, and now since I’m talking about it, I want another one.

The accompanying salad was autumn themed – with radish, radiccio and a light lemony dressing.

As I was paying for my toasted sandwich, I spied some pickled eggs in a big vat behind the counter. So I had to have one to try and compare to my own pickled quail effort several years ago.

Pickled Egg ($2.5):

Pub pickled egg

It had the bottom sliced off so that it could be served in a warm ramekin, sprinkled with salt. But the egg was still cold. It was creamy and mouth puckeringly sour. It turns seems that my attempt at pickled eggs was genuine article, I just didn’t know it at the time. Whoopx, such a shame I’ve already thrown out my pickled eggs.

Smoked Anchovy Bruschetta ($5):

Smoked Anchovy bruschetta

Spiced crème fraiche, cucumber, pickled eschalot, dill

This does not taste like an anchovy that I am used to, tastes. I couldn’t really pick up any smokey element, it was more a sardine fresh out of the sea. The dukkah sprinkled on top was fresh and crispy.

Pork and black pudding terrine ($18):

Pork and Black Pudding Terrine

Yes. I got this because of the presence of black pudding. Yum. Gobble, gobble, gobble. The terrine was quite meaty yet fresh. The jelly holding it all together wasn’t too cold. I really liked the freshness of the accompanying salad with the apple and halved grapes. The dressing wasn’t too acidic either. I should have the patience to make terrine, but I never do.

Towards the end of my visit, I asked what the white mould cheese in the shape of a ring was. It turns out that it was a goat’s cheese from Castlemaine (VIC), and reminded me a lot of the Willowbrae Bowen Mountain cheese.

“Why can’t they source a cheese more local than Victoria?”, I wondered, but when I talked to David from Willowbrae, he said that they were pretty flat out just supplying the markets, so let’s keep their existence a secret between you and I.

Toasties available only at lunchtimes.

The Stinking Bishops
street: Unit 5, 63-71 Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW 2042
Phone: +61-2-9007-7754
M: Closed
Tue-Wed: 1700-2200.
Thu-Fri: 1100-2200.
Sat: 1100-1700, closed 1630-1730
Sun 1100-1800
There is a very complicated reservation availability online, generally Tue-Thu dinner, Sundays; or lunch Thu-Sat. Or you could walk in.
Web and :


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