Raw Caramel Slice

Eating exclusively raw food is one of those fads that has passed me by. Including reimagining foods such as desserts in the ‘raw’ format. I’ve never really seen the point – as long as you eat a relatively balanced diet with lots of different colours and textures, you generally should be fine.

This is my tale of the raw caramel slice.

A colleague at work brought in some raw caramel slice, of which I ate a tiny slice (size of finger nail), and it was utterly delicious.

So I tried to make it myself, based upon a recipe on food.tv.

Golden Rule: Don’t Attempt if you don’t have a proper food processor. If you have only a stick blender with a chopping attachment, use the following modifications.


If you have only whole almonds, soak them for at least an hour before trying to ‘blend’. Also, I suggest pounding with a mortar and pestle, to break up the almonds as much as possible, before putting them in the chopping bowl.

Preferably start with almond meal.

Base & ‘caramel’

Soak the dates in hot water for about five minutes. Then dice as finely as possible before using the stick blender chopping bowl.

Raw cashews – as with the almonds in the base, I suggest using a mortar and pestle to crush the cashews as much as possible.

You could also substitute dried apricots for the dates- giving a lighter colour; or coconut flour or finely shredded coconut for the almonds in the base.

You’re supposed to melt the coconut oil, cocoa powder and maple syrup over a low heat: doesn’t this completely contradict the “raw food” ethos, because you’ve used heat. Admittedly, during summer, coconut oil can be more of a liquid than a solid. I also think that I overheated the mixture, because it seemed to “seize”, and turn into something rather granular rather than smooth.

Raw Caramel Slice

Now I have to admit that this photo doesn’t really do the slice justice. It’s a few months old, having been in the fridge/freezer, whilst I nibbled away at it. You can see what happens if you use too much coconut oil, the oil kind of comes up the side of the mould and leaves a residue which really isn’t that nice to eat.

What do you think?

I quite like this recipe, because I can make something ‘dessert-like’, without having to heat up the kitchen in summer. I’m not quite sold on making it again though: after all my colleague makes a much nicer version in a thinner slice.


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