Cornersmith, Marrickville

I really like the Cornersmith ethos. Locals trading in an over abundance of produce that they can’t deal with, and in return getting some preserves, chutneys or similar from the store. Not only that, they run classes on cheesemaking, pickling and smoking. Yum. My only quibble is that although they declare that they’re are against “factory farming”, they have chosen a style of rooftop beekeeping that is the factory farming of the beekeeping world (Langstroth).

It is a little bit out of my way, so that’s why it’s taken me a couple of years to get there to try it out, apart from a passing coffee a year or so ago.

Plum, apple and raspberry shake ($4):

Shake @ Cornersmith

I ordered this as a kids sized shake (the adult one is $6), and it was delivered in a little mock glass milk bottle with an artistic streak of flavouring dribbling down against the rim. I was slightly dissapointed that there wasn’t a red and white striped paper straw. This was delicious, and got me to thinking why milkshakes have to be boring chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Perhaps I could preserve some guava ‘syrup’ this year for future milkshakes.

Poached Egg and Ham Roll ($12):

Egg roll @ Cornersmith

The ham is pastured fed. This is served with aioli, and a very moreish apple and beetroot salad. Of course, once you squash the bread roll in order to fit it into your mouth, the egg yolk explodes and drips all over the place. This is not a thing to order if you don’t like to get messy.

Ploughman’s platters and sandwiches available for lunch; other dishes with eggs and additional salad ‘sides’. Seasonal menu with local produce. What’s not to like?

Cornersmith Cafe (& Picklery)
street: 314 Illawarra Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204

Phone: 61-2-80650844
M-F: 0630 – 1530
S-S 0730 -1530.

Also open for dinner from 1730 Thu, Fri, Sat.
Also open for dinner from 1730 Thu, Fri, Sat.


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