May in the Garden, 2015

2015 edition.


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1 x Luffa or Sing gua.
Before cooking it, you peel the ridges/(sometimes the skin…depending how big it is), and then cutting into chunky triangular pieces. I normally have it stir fried. This one was DELICIOUS.

May harvest, 2015

Late summer/autumn tomatoes. Moving the garden bed to a sunnier spot has definitely been a winner; Heaps of cherry tomatoes in summer, and a late flush of big tomatoes (sorry – I’m not sure which variety they are) in late autumn.


1 x bolero (it was a bit mushy by the time I got around to eating it).
2 x waltz. They smell super apple-y, like apples on steriods.

Basil, thyme, kaffir lime leaf, vietnamese mint.

Planted & Achieved:

I bagged the guava fruits which are developing, with as many bags as I have which are not allocated already to my tomatoes. Already we’ve eaten about twenty.

Dug out some of the sweet potato (no wonder its so cheap – it develops tubers like a rabbit breeds). Planted snow peas and silverbeet in its place.

Transplanted some parsley seedlings that had started grow in the lawn, moved them to a garden bed.

Planted a luffa seed and a pumpkin seed (I suspect Jap pumpkin), in the sunny garden bed where my biggest crop of tomatoes has been.

Can you see my Punkin?


Planted some broccoli seedlings. It’s a battle between the broccoli and the snails/slugs. So far its even-stevens, although the snails penchant for beer is not good for their health.

What does the garden look like?

Banana plant is now about 3m high. Unfortunately this, plus the mad daisy bush is now blocking sunlight/frost potential to the apples.
I should not have planted the apples next to the banana. It’s supposed to be a *dwarf*

We’ve already had our first night with below 7 degree C temperatures. The cherry tree is losing its leaves.

Winter is Coming

What’s next:

Move the finger lime to a pot. It’s not getting enough sun.
Plant the frangipani branch already.


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