Black Star Pastry, Newtown

There’s no denying it. Black Star Pastry has been *discovered*.

Usually the queues snake out the door and alongside the shops next door, generally of tourists who have come to Newtown to try the Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Scented Cream. It just looks so *pretty*. I remember devouring a slice, layer by layer whilst sitting in the pub across the road a few years ago. Mr SydFoodie groaned when some visitors (who had been in the country a mere 4 hours) told him that they were going to “Black Thorn Pastry tomorrow to try a cake”. A representative from Tourism Australia actually preened a little when he told them that story. Some of the tourists in a very brusque fashion elbow their way to the front of the queue and demand the eclair, or the cake; and then storm off in a huff when they are told that they’re sold out, and there won’t be any more for today.

So, usually I avoid the shop.

But today, a rainy weekday (plus perhaps the opening of their Rosebery store and the Powerhouse museum popup) has meant that there was no queue. Hooley Dooley! I should’ve taken a photo of this rare event.

Olive Miche ($8):

Miche @ Black Star Pastry

I have destroyed the cocoa power ‘branding’ by lugging this home, but you can just make it out on top of the loaf. This apparently contains green olives, but I have yet to spot them. I couldn’t quite identify an almost fermented smell from the bread – perhaps apple cider vinegar?


The small miche roll is $4.

Cinnamon Scroll ($4.40):

Cinnamon Swirl @ Black Star Pastry

Not a very strong cinnamon flavour, and the humidity of the day has meant that the sugar/cinnamon filling has absorbed moisture. The pastry is buttery, light and flakey which crisps up nicely under the grill.

Black Star Pastry
street: 277 Australia Street, Newtown NSW 2042
M-F, S-S: 0700-1700.

Also at Rosebery, and a pop up at the Powerhouse Museum until end of April 2015.

Post-post note: I have shared my BSP miche with a friend who has declared that the unidentified taste is lemon myrtle. Very strong lemon myrtle.


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