It’s harder than it looks

Making crumpets are harder than they look.

When my sister first sent me the link from theguardian uk newspaper , I thought – meh – not for me. Too much effort. I don’t like crumpets that much.

Then frankie magazine posted a link to another recipe. Frankie. Doyenne of hipster, art, quirky fashion, and DIY. Can’t be that hard can it?

This recipe makes a lot of crumpets. Sixteen 7cm diameter crumpets.
You want baking soda – sodium bicarbonate, the alkaline one.

I also forgot that I had two litres of whey left over from making haloumi, which would have been interesting to substitute for water in the recipe.

The downside I found was that because I kept my crumpet mixture on the stove, it kept expanding as I kept cooking, giving me more and more crumpet mixture. Like the magic pudding, my crumpet mixture kept expanding and giving me more and more mixture, then longer it stayed in ‘the warm spot’ on the stove.

Only my first batch seemed to develop the ‘bubbles’ at the top of the crumpet, every other one was just a columnar yeasty bread.

Crumpets cooking

I had a lot of trouble using cookie cutter moulds with shaping the crumpets, because my moulds came with a ‘handle’, I ended up removing the handle to assist with removing the crumpet.


Harder than it looks. I’m going to have to have another go at these. My efforts reminded me more of an English Muffin. Perhaps a Muf-pert. When I looked later at the recipe in the joy of cooking – the recipe for English muffins is given first, followed by the comment that “Crumpets are essentially similar to English muffins, just more liquid”.

What kind of crumpets are you eating in the USA?

What about the bubbling and the honeycomb texture?

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