Wulong Karst area: Dragon River Gorge (龙水峡)

Longshui xia (龙水峡), or Dragon River Gorge was our next stop after the Three Natural Bridges. You can *just* fit this in after visiting the Three Natural Bridges, but it is a slight rush to make it back in time for the return minibus back to Wulong city.

The ticket is an eyewatering 115 RMB – available at either the Wulong Karst Tourist Centre, or at the conclusion of your walk through the Three Natural Bridges. Yes, this was a very expensive day trip.

The heavenly ladder:

Heavenly Ladder

There is are toilet facilities at the top of the gorge. Despite this, and the warning signs at the start that : “There are no toilet facilities below, go now”, at the first dark spot at the base of the lift, there is a strong smell of urine. Lovely, Jubly.

Underground Cave:

Underground River

This is the source of where the water comes from upstream, from the three natural bridges area. It was a luminescent jade green colour, winding its way through the gorge.

Galaxy Waterfall:

Galaxy Waterfall

There were a lot of poetic names describing the natural features along the way.

This could possibly be the jade tortoise:

Dragon River Gorge

The small natural bridge:

Small Natural Bridge

Although it kind of looks man made to me, it does suit the area’s ambiance.


Dragon River Gorge

At the end of the walk, there were some stalls selling trinkets, fruit and vegetables and things with a bit of a price premium. You had to catch the bus back up to the tourist centre, before transferring to the public bus down the hill. We were treated to the latest in Chinese pop music as entertainment, including what does the fox say. I swear, before I looked up video on youtube, I thought it was Canto-pop!

Dragon River Gorge (Longshui xia 龙水峡)
Wulong Karst Tourist area (武隆喀斯特)
Wulong, Chongqing (重庆), China.
115 RMB entry fee, 8 RMB public bus ride one way.

250RMB total for the day’s excursion. (52AUD, 40USD at the current exchange rate) I told you it was expensive!


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