MFWF – Pop up bakery and bar

As part of the Melbourne Food and wine festival, there was a pop up bakery bar and bar at Queensbridge square, Southbank. As it turns out, Michael McEnearney from Sydney’s Kitchen by Mike was the guest baker on the morning that I visited. Them’s the breaks.

Pear pastry ($7.50) and sourdough starter ($10):

MFWF - Pear tart
You eat the former, not the latter. The pastry was crisp and flakey. Very light, and altogether not good for me.

I had been wanting to start a sourdough starter for ages, but couldn’t quite face the volumes of good flour that I would have to toss out in the process. Tada! Let’s how this starter from Sydney via Melbourne will survive.

Ploughman’s platter ($20):

MFWF - Ploughman's breadboard

Myrtleford salted butter. Pork and fennel sausage. Tomato chutney. Pickled vegetables. Bread.
I think they had me at ‘pickled vegetables’. I completely forgot to look at the other options.

I spotted some other dishes that I could’ve chosen if I hadn’t been blindsided – scrambled eggs looked so-so, but the open sandwiches topped with pickled onion looked right up my alley.

Melbourne Food and wine festival pop up bakery and bar
Queensbridge Square, Southbank
Mornings from early until 12noon (that’s when the coffee stops)
Until 15 March 2015


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