Shooting Hoops

We arrived in Wulong, 武隆, Chongqing province China. The entry to the town off the freeway had a statue boasting of the ‘healthy constitution’ of the locals. Well, there was stadium right bang in the middle of town, between the bus station and the train station. Later that night it was open for business with dancing ladies practising out the front, and a basketball game going on inside.

The red team (Rong Xin Cun Zhen – 融兴村镇 The rising prosperity of disparate villages), were generally a bit fitter than their opponents, the white team (Gong Yuan Yi Hao – 公元壹号 The Christian number ones).


I don’t think I’ve ever watched a whole basketball game at all, but there was something about the atmosphere in this stadium that made we want to stay. I was cheering for the white team, because when we started watching at the end of the first quarter, they were the underdog. Unfortunately, my victory was spoiled by the fact that one white team player ran down the clock for all of 3 seconds just bouncing the ball from hand to hand.


The final score was 93:89, with a player interchange that only lasted 3 seconds at T-8, and a timeout called at T-5.


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