Monday’s Garden & Harvest – a few days late


Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. The combination of both bees to the garden, and relocation of one garden bed to a sunnier spot have meant I have had about 200g of tomatoes per day for at least two weeks. You can’t see the grape vine underneath for the masses of tomatoes.


Corn. My neighbour grabbed the first harvest, because I was away. The second harvest I don’t think got successfully pollinated because the male pollen has already been distributed, but the female silks (and resulting head of corn) doesn’t look fat enough.

Honey. I reckon that falls into the harvested/picked category. I’ll tell you more about it in a later post.


Spring onions, from a batch purchased at the local shops. I chopped the green bits off, then soaked the roots in a glass of water until new sprouts came up from the top. There’s a bit of a pong from the water that it stews in… you are supposed to change the water over every day, but sometimes I forget. I like the spring onions skinny, so I plant them close together.

I tried several times to plant hot chilli seeds and seedlings. Every time I have been foiled by the snails, slugs and cockroaches (sorry, it’s true, I’ve seen them), who will walk over coffee grounds (which they are supposed to be adverse to) just to get to the chilli plants. I wonder. If you ate a garden snail ala French style, who had been feasting on chillis, would it be all tingly and hot?

Many times tried to plant some form of pumpkin/squash for autumn/winter picking. No luck. The seeds just never took for me.

Lemon Thyme.

Root herbs

Tumeric & ginger. Both roots I had bought at the shops, and they had sprouted small green shoots. I planted them with a shallow covering of soil, and about a month of humid weather later, I now have green shoots popping up. Since we’re talking rootstock, the galangal that I thought I had killed over winter has resprouted. Hurray!

To Do:

Either transplant or repot my lavender. It’s been in the pot for 5+ years, so it needs a bit of a refresh.

Update on the ballerina apple:


Three fruits on one branch has been reduced to two, compare to November last year.


Look at the size of the dwarf banana, compared to October last year. Things are very confused in my garden with tropical plants in the same garden bed as cold climate plants.

Suspected Orange:

Possibly an orange

I had many suspected orange pups. This is the only one that set, and it’s grown a lot larger than any of the other potential fruits that I’ve ever had. It’s probably 7cm in diameter. Fingers crossed that it survives.

My neighbour’s tree got a serious attack of the orange stink bugs (a plastic shopping bag full), and a windy day in spring meant that all the young fruit buds fell off.


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