2014 Mince Tart Round Up

I haven’t yet done a full taste test of all of the mince tarts available Sydney wide. Christmas celebrations are getting a bit long in the tooth, but I would like to record the mince tarts eaten thus far. Plus, I’m unlikely to eat so many in one year ever again.

I guess that this is my update on good living’s mince pie round up of 2011.

Here are a select few that have been tried in 2014.

Bourke Street Bakery ($15 for 6):

Bourke Street Bakery Mince Tart

I think my tastebuds have changed. I used to love these, but I now find that the filling is too sweet. Or perhaps not heating them up in the oven was my mistake – I ate my half cold. The pastry was very short and crumbly, the filling only half filled the space, and was mostly currants and sultanas.

Flour and Stone ($4):

flour and stone

This is the rhubarb and vanilla mince tart, and also has currants and raisins.

flour and stone inside

The pastry seems a bit more like puff pastry than a short crust pastry. It was super sweet.

Victorie ($7.50 ea):

Victorie Mince Tart

My jaw dropped when I saw the price. But I had to buy one because I was there, right? Very good and varied filling, with flaked almonds, apple pieces, orange peel, sultanas and currants.

Victorie Mince Tart

The pastry was very short and flakey, almost like that of a good savoury pie.

Feather and Bone ($5):

feather and bone

Real Mincemeat Pye. This one has had ‘tha meat put back in”, and contains grass-fed and finished beef suet and mince.

feather and bone inside

You can really see the meat in the photo (and taste it) but it also has a sweet flavour. Pastry is suet based and a bit flakey. Oh my arteries.

Gelato Messina’s ($4 for one scoop):

mincing tart

Mincing Tart. Ha ha. Tastes like cold mince tart, which it is, along with brandy custard gelato.

I’m going to round off with some elaborate Christmas Lights displayed in Erskine Park. I spotted the light display from driving nearby on the main road; however I think that at least one of these houses had made it into the local paper, from the amount of traffic it was receiving.

House One:
Christmas Lights, Erskine Park

All the trees lit up, waving Santa, pretty good eh?

Until you see this one:

Christmas lights, Erskine Park

Palm tree like structure, a remote controlled singing Santa, and a “snow” machine at either end of the lawn. Also raising money for a charity, in this case SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

What spectacular light displays have you seen in 2014?


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