Rushcutters, Rushcutters Bay

A newish venture by the Keystone group. For me, the drawcard was the opportunity to get some Hawkesbury Valley produce from chef turned farmer Martin Boetz.

The space was a gorgeous space filled with plants, soaring ceilings, cosy nooks. We got a space in front of the window.

The main seating area:

You don’t get to sit in this area during breakfast/brunch time, and I forgot to take a picture of the space in front of the windows where I did get to seat.

The menu is deceptive. A lot of the items listed you *think* are freshly made on the premises. But fresh juice…Botannical brand… which you see at the markets, is not made on site. Similarly, the “goat’s milk smoothie”, although didn’t have the Willowbrae brand name, but had the *flavours* that they use and sell at the markets, had me on the scent of pre-packaged and prepared offsite. That’s not to diss those two excellent products, I just wish that the menu had made that more clear.

So I got tea. Rushcutter’s blend:

Rushcutter's blend tea

Yes, well, tea is hardly even made on site, but at least I knew what I was getting into. This tea infusion had juniper berries and dried apple pieces. It was very tempting to sneak my paw into the tea infuser and eat a few pieces of apple, but that would’ve reduced my tea flavour. So I only ate one.

I got the full rushcutters ($23.50):

The full Rushcutter's

Scrambled eggs, roast tomato, speck, rye, white sausage. This plate was loaded. The eggs were really creamy, I had trouble finishing them. The speck tasted like bacon! The onion jam had thick cut pieces and was like a traditional fruit jam. The white sausage was a bit of a non event. Traditionally it is a fresh sausage that is made in the morning and eaten before lunchtime. It doesn’t contain preservatives, hence the story shelf life. This white sausage had a strong lemon taste. The bread came from Meu’s, a brand which I’ve seen more frequently a multitude of farmers markets: taylor square, orange grove, castle hill and frenches forest.

Poached eggs with apple, parsley and water cress ($17):

Rushcutter's poached eggs

The dressing was really lemony, but the apple added a nice sweetness and contrasted with the bitterness of the watercress.

Somehow I forgot to get a coffee.

After breakfast, we visited the little shopfront just inside the front door. Tomatoes were $10/kg, with gorgeous sweet little cherry tomatoes. The grapefruit was $6/kg. Everything was then wrapped in heavy brown paper before being placed inside a large brown shopping bag. My loot for the day was $15.

Rushcutter's markets

I have been thinking about heading back to rushcutters for breakfast sometime soon…


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