Monday’s Garden and Harvest

I’m trying so very hard not to count my apples before they hatch:


is one of my twelve (count them!) starkrimson cherries.

I have nibbled on some strawberries (when I can beat the snails/slubs/cockroaches/ants) to them, planted some rhubarb crowns donated by a friend, and watched the comings and goings of the ladiez:

Bearding bees
When it gets hot, they sit on their front porch and fan their wings, directing the breeze inside the hive. This kind of behaviour is called ‘bearding’. It’s similar to how a swarm looks when they’re out looking for a new home, and also how the bees cluster together inside the hive during winter to keep warm.

I’ve also discovered that if you let your radishes go to seed, you can eat the little seed pods. They taste hot and peppery, like a radish, but with less commitment:

Radish seed pods

One day, this head of butter lettuce just popped up:

Butter lettuce

the seeds must’ve just felt the right conditions had come along and started to sprout.

I think summer started two weeks ago. We’ve had record breaking temperatures, and top temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius almost every day.


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